Tangerine Lipstick: New Trend, How to Use

New Tangerine Lipstick Fashion Trend

The Tangerine Lipstick arrived and those in love with this cosmetic will love this novelty, without any doubts. And that’s why it’s worth you to stay on top of the news, because this release came to make your lips full of life and more vibrant because it really is a very beautiful color indeed. Who has not checked it know that we have in almost all brands the releases of this color, even more Brazilian brands, and you can check already. For summer this color is more than trend and that is very interesting too, check it out.

As it is a very lively color you have to know how to use Tangerine lipstick, and it has no secret, but know that you have to highlight only the lips themselves, using a mascara or a very soft pencil. The intention is that only the lips become more prominent even, so check it out, look for simplicity not to take the lightness and beauty of this lipstick. So nothing to wear in strong, heavy tones because it does not look so good. This cosmetic came to be used with the more neutral tones and also more basic.

The new Tangerine Lipstick is great for summer because it has everything to do with the trends of this season, so be sure to check the ways of using it. In Natura, Avon and O Boticário you can find this color anytime you want because there are many launches for you, the price is very affordable. The best is still that you can use during the day and also at night, the secret is just know how to combine. Can even be used with colored shadows. Another form of use is to bet on the eyeliner to create that curvinha called cat’s eye, along with that lipstick gets even more perfect.

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