How to Use: Basic White T-Shirt

It may seem silly to have a how to wear especially for a white T-shirt, but, oh, this post has a purpose, see? We get so caught up in fashion trends and what “everyone” is wearing that we just forget about those pieces that are wild and essential in our wardrobe.With this post, we want to rescue these …

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Fashionable Clothes with Prints of Landscapes

For fashion 2016, you can check many trends, and among them the clothes with landscapes prints are making the head of women, as they can basically enter almost all the pieces of women’s clothing, such as skirts, dresses, sweaters, pants, shirts, and even in beach clothes like bikinis, bathing suits, among others.

How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

Introduction Casual dress is often the solution to the problem we set ourselves, in unfamiliar circumstances, with respect to the adequacy of our dress. The turtleneck is quell’intrigante middle ground, both for man and for the woman, able to meet the minimum requirements of elegance without appearing too formal (ie detached) nor sloppy. Certainly very important that we choose …

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How to Wear a Maxi Sweater

Do you know how to wear the maxi pull? We reveal a few tips to match it perfectly As you know one of the leaders of clothing that is definitely getting the better of a few seasons in this part and that has confirmed a real must-have at the moment is the big pull. But sure you know how to wear it …

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Jeans for Every Body Type

Some women feel dissatisfied with the body and this is something quite normal, some believe they have the hip too large, some want to have more butt, others complain of stomach bending on the jeans, leaving the more bulky silhouette. To resolve these problems, check out the models of jeans that hide the imperfections and add value to …

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Gym Clothing Plus Size

Today let’s talk about clothes for plus size gym. The fitness fashion is increasingly full of news, both for thin, as for the fatties. Nowadays, numerous models of gym clothes, that enable women to take care of your health and beauty while not leave aside style, in visual. But it is important to invest in …

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Fashion Denim Colors: Colored Jeans

Very used in the 80, the colored jeans stand out in any production, during the day or night. The fashion denim colors remained missing, for a long time. However, now she is taking strength each day. Who is tech savvy fashion trends always knows very well that the next year, especially during the summer, will be of many colors. Orange, …

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