How to Make a Professional Makeup without Leaving Home

If you also drool in the look of celebrities or actresses in soap operas, but you never get the time to put on makeup, your problems are over! We have separated for you some tips for you to make a professional Make up without having to go to the salon. Professional makeup at home.

Stencil Painting Techniques

Depending on the desired effect, there are different methods to paint stencil. Detailed review. Prior to paint application, it is recommended to set benchmarks to correctly position the stencil. Once this last place, you can begin to apply the paint according to the technique of your choice. If you want to repeat the pattern, round …

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Breast Enlargement without Surgery: the Tricks of Make-up

Flat neckline? Breasts bigger with make-up right. Cheap, healthy and without any risk. Breasts too small? But in times of crisis, who can afford surgery? And those that are not at all in favor of surgical intervention they do? Simple as it was once before the prosthesis-mania. Here is a brief guide to make your breasts more prosperous by simply using the …

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