Silver for Sound Giant

The of the N73 Music Edition two of our mobile rankings moves on square.The plain black but is misleading: the new age of up offers a larger memory, a-backed music player and more accessories. Already the original N73 had convinced us in the test and could hold the second place ranking in the mobile. Now has …

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10 Products to Stimulate the Workout at the Gym

Keep the focus at the Academy is not a very simple activity for most people. It is often necessary to get stimuli that you do want to let laziness aside and go put the body in motion. Thinking about this effort, how about see a selection of products that can make your workout day more …

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Know the Main Professional Headphones in Brazil

Whoever works professionally with music knows how important it is to have a quality headset.There are several models available in the Brazilian market and the consumer should pay attention to issues such as durability, sound insulation, comfort and sound quality when buying. Ostentation headset is announced for more than $ 200 thousand