Sweet Or Sour: 8 Eerie Skull Watches

Watches with scary factor, suitable for Halloween! Dark and wild, risk-taking and dangerous: The new watches do not shy away from anything. The stuff made from the Hollywood myths, is now also the stuff to be made from the clocks. No matter whether werewolves, reptiles, Batman or eerie skulls: what is currently happening on the …

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2:0 for You with Chronos and Watch Magazine

Complete a subscription during the EM 2016 and receive two issues! For our team, the European Football Championship 2016 is unfortunately already over. But you can extend the beautiful time beyond today’s finals: If you complete a subscription of Chronos or watch magazine today (July 10th, 2016), you will receive two issues free of charge.

Apple Announces Event on the Day 9 March: Apple Watch?

Apple just sent the invitations of the event possible official launch of Apple Watch, that’s how various media of the United States published this afternoon. Among them, as Business Insider, Wall Street Journal and The Verge, tell us who received invitations to the event which will be held on March 9.