What is the Ideal Sports Bra?

A sport bra must be not particularly stylish or sexy. He must not like also like these. Its sole function is to provide maximum support to your breasts during the sports. Because the constant up and down movement is strapazierend for the skin, and the delicate breast tissue. Because there are no muscles in the …

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5 Lingerie Garments For 5 Occasions

Taking advantage, this week wecelebrate Black Friday , and as you have already seen on our Facebook we will have asuper interesting discounts of up to 70% in our lingerie, today I have prepared a selection of underwear in our collection, That you may find interesting for different occasions, and more now that the holiday season will soon arrive.

Bra Guide

They are in almost every woman is an indispensable part of the underwear: bras . Without a bra is hardly a woman out of the house. The bra is available in  different variations and designs. But how do they differ from each other? And which model best fits me? We give you an insight into the colorful world of different bra models. Caveat: Very …

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What Bra Suits You

There are various types of bra, that forms the breast differently. Natural tits, sexy neckline … Which type of bra is made ​​for small breasts? Which type of bra is designed for generous breasts? We provide learning our tricks on how your beautify neckline. The classic Bra Strap The bra is a classic bra model fit with a classic …

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Famous And The Risks Of Not Wearing A Bra

The bra has its function but also is a lingerie garment that protects us from embarrassing moments to star as lived by the following famous. If that is transparent bra has little glamorous, a top, a dress or a shirt betray the absence of it is worse. With the arrival of good weather, there are celebrities who realize that their …

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