Trends in Women’s Fashion Pants

Fashion does not stop and year after year it reinvents itself. Most of the time, one thing that is trend today, next year is hardly seen anymore due to this inconstancy in the fashion world. The pants, be they jeans, social, legging or any other type, also have been changing according to fashion and so deserve special attention. So …

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Jewelry with Marine Theme

Hello! I’m back and I really was missing them. I spent a great week at the beach and this inspired me a lot. That’s why today I want to talk about marine-themed jewelry . This will be very popular by the end of August, as well as by next fall. I will tell you about …

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Ways Not to Wear Leggings

Yes, they are a necessary evil. If you are in a period of “fattening”, have them to use (sad, but true), and sweaters and other loose clothing are also very well with maxi. But until you fall into the networks of a friend who upload your photo to Twitter because they are a little tight, …

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Summer Blouses

Light summer blouses are absolute fashion essentials, which belong in every stylish wardrobe. Here the popular Basics show this year as varied and colorful as never before. Discovered now the major trends of the rapidly approaching hot season and find new favorites that will accompany you in the coming months. I wish you much fun exploring and nachstylen!