7 Tips to Use to Go to Work by Bicycle

Taking Care Of The Schedule And The Weather Helps When Leaving The Car In The Garage. The hours lost in traffic and the concern to preserve the environment are only two good reasons for who wants to drop the car and adopt the bicycle as a new means of transport.But anyone who wants to ride …

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Tips for Going to Work Bike

In your workplace, have you ever observed admired some colleague who travels on a regular bike? Have you ever thought about moving your bike from home to work, but you don’t know how to start? The bicycle helps save money on fuel, driving and, still on top, burns some extra calories. Then why not start …

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All About Bicycle

In our information area around bikes you will find all possible and impossible topics on bicycles and everything thus is linked. Besides many textual instructions and videos for bicycle repairs and minor maintenance work can be found at Toms Bike Corner many Kaufberatung notes on various bicycle parts &bicycle accessories and advice Road Winter Training . In addition to information and important tips for kids bikes you will …

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Continues the Interconnection of Bicycle Lanes and Cycle Paths

The Department of Planning and Budget Management and Secretariat of Management in Public Safety and Security, through the Department of Traffic, begins work on the interconnection of bicycle lanes in the central region and in the neighborhoods of Balneário Camboriú. The signs start at Streets 2000, 2550 and 3000.

Foreigners Beat Cimtb Levorin in São João Del-Rei

Fabio Castañeda and Agustina Apaza were the champions in a competition dominated by foreigners The foreigners dominated the super elite of the second stage of the Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup in São João del-Rei, and broke Brazilians’ hegemony, winning the Cross Country (XCO) event for the first time on Sunday afternoon (17). In the men’s, …

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Brazilians Fight to Maintain Sovereignty in CIMTB

Ricardo Pscheidt won in 2013 and Henrique Avancini last year; Stage will also help Brazil in the race for places in the Olympic Games of 2016 The city of São João del-Rei already expects to receive, for the third consecutive year, the second stage of the Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup, which will be held between …

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Bike Club gets Stolen Twice in Less Than a Month

From G1 Sorocaba and Jundiaí This time, the thieves carried three bikes, uniforms and a gas canister. Police look for clues of those responsible; Crime occurred in Sorocaba. The Sorocabano Bicicross Club was stolen for the second time in less than twenty days at dawn this Monday (18), in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in Sorocaba (SP).

See Tips and Options for Cycling in Jordão

Whether for sports or simply for leisure, Campos do Jordão is an increasingly popular destination for cyclists from all over the world. The pleasant climate-and the varied relief of the mountains-make many people climb the mountain, taking along with their luggage their precious bike. Those who like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, …

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Cycling Tour Happens Between May 27 to 31

Valid by the UCI ranking, competition will cover 749.4 kilometers passing through nine cities in the state of Paraná Everything is ready for the 9th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Paraná, between May 27 and 31. The competition, valid for the 2.2 class of the International Cycling Union, will be receiving 23 teams representing …

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CE Delivers the Cycle Tracks that will Guarantee Safety

The City Hall of Fortaleza, through the Secretariat of Conservation and Public Services (SCSP), will deliver on this Friday (05/15) the cycle paths in the Aldeota region that will link those already existing in the avenues Santos Dumont and Dom Luis to Terminal of the Papicu. With 0.9 km of extension, the cycle tracks were implemented …

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Expo Ironman will Gather Several Companies in the Segment

Fair will run between May 27 and June 1. Traffic scheme on day 31 is defined. The Ironman Florianópolis 2015 is one of the main sporting events of the national calendar. After all, they are competitors from 37 countries in search of the dream of completing a singular challenge. This year, in its 15th edition, the event will …

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How Bikes are Changing 10 Brazilian Capitals!

The creation of exclusive bicycle paths, a clean and sustainable vehicle, is far from receiving the attention it deserves in the great Brazilian cities. But pedaling, you can get there. This is shown by the recently released book “A Bicicleta no Brasil” (Bicycle in Brazil), which provides an up-to-date picture of cyclomobilization from the perspective of …

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Ciclofaixa will have New Stretch Starting this Sunday

Path starts to include new roads around the Curupira Park; Inauguration will have presence of athletes of the team of Cycling of Ribeirão Preto As of this Sunday (24), the Ciclofaixa de Leisure of Ribeirão Preto will have a new stretch in its extension of approximately 6 km. Recently opened and revitalized streets around the Luiz Roberto …

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How the Danes Developed their Cycling Culture

In 1892 the construction of Denmark’s first bicycle path began, located at Esplanaden Street in  Copenhagen. The work was inaugurated in 1896, being one of the exclusive tracks for older cyclists of the world. This project was considered a milestone in the mobility of the city. Other projects were carried out to promote the use of cycling …

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Couple Crosses the Alps by Bicycle with 4-year-old Child

It is not the first time that Fabio Nitschke Gomes and his wife Melissa take their children for adventure: at age two, the twins Theo and Martim climbed Pedra do Bauzinho in Campos do Jordão and the three descended the Serra do Mar in São Paulo, By bike in a bike trailer. Now, at age four, …

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Boy with Visual Impairment first Pedals Bicycle in Joinville

Sports and visually impaired? If you have doubts, little Dudu shows you on video how fun it is to ride a bike without even seeing it. In the images the volunteer guide, Francisco Moraes, 69, guides the bicycle with two seats that allows the child to go ahead. Francisco plays boy Dudu to slow down.

With Twenty Teams, Cycling Tour Begins on Wednesday

Event will be attended by five foreign teams. First stage will cover 126.4 kilometers It begins on Wednesday, May 27, and continues until next Sunday, 31, the International Cycling Tour of Paraná. The event, valid for class 2.2 of the International Cycling Union (UCI), will run for five stages and will cover 724.9 kilometers, with the first …

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Vitor and ThaynÁ Won in the Brazilian Cycling Junior

Proof played in Maringá, Paraná, was attended by 180 athletes in three categories The cyclists of São Paulo Vitor Gonçalves, who defend the team from Santa Catarina Hidrorepell Tintas/FME/Bike Point, and Thayná Araujo, Memorial/Santos, won this Sunday, May 24, the endurance test of the Brazilian Road Cycling Championship Junior 2015. The event took place in …

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Paulo Saçaki Disembarks in Brazil

With the bag full of new stories, the Paraná rider returns to the country with many plans, and makes a positive balance on this tour in Europe. BMX rider Paulo Saçaki landed in São Paulo this morning after nearly two months of training and racing in Europe. Saçaki was in Tallin, Estonia for the Simple Session …

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Students Earn Bonus while Cycling to School in Italy

The project of an Italian public school that improves the grades of students who use the bicycle as a means of transportation has attracted the attention of the residents of the city of Aprilia, 30km from Rome. Created by a student, the Bike Control program of the Liceu Antonio Meucci high school has a device …

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Students Create Innovative Mobility and Safety Application for Cyclists

The app provides, among other information, routes with cycling infrastructure. It is already active and can be downloaded for free at:out site. Called “Bora de Bike”, a new application for mobile devices for cyclists was developed by students of the Administration course of the University Center of FEI. The app was created to integrate and stimulate …

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