7 Tips to Use to Go to Work by Bicycle

Taking Care Of The Schedule And The Weather Helps When Leaving The Car In The Garage. The hours lost in traffic and the concern to preserve the environment are only two good reasons for who wants to drop the car and adopt the bicycle as a new means of transport.But anyone who wants to ride …

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Tips for Going to Work Bike

In your workplace, have you ever observed admired some colleague who travels on a regular bike? Have you ever thought about moving your bike from home to work, but you don’t know how to start? The bicycle helps save money on fuel, driving and, still on top, burns some extra calories. Then why not start …

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Renato Closes BMX World Cup in Papendal in Sixth Place

The result guarantees important points for Brazil in the fight for the Olympic qualification for Rio 2016 Brazilian rider Renato Rezende finished sixth in the second stage of the BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal, the Netherlands, which ended on Sunday (10). At this stage, 154 competitors lined up for the start. With the result, Renato added …

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CIMTB Levorin will Again Stage the UCI Junior Series

As in 2014, competition in the city of Minas Gerais will count as the stage of the world circuit in the junior categories The São João del Rei stage of the Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup, which will be held between 15th and 17th, will have for the second consecutive year the stage status of …

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We will Complete 2 Years of SP Bike Tour

The Bike Tour SP arrives at the third year with news and great perspectives The project that was born of the passion of the brothers André and Daniel Moral for the bicycle and for São Paulo completes two years. The Bike Tour SP is a free bike tour, where the participant receives historical information and curiosities …

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Ecological Pedal Calls Attention to Conserve the SerrDa Jiboiaa

On May 31 a group of cyclists will have the opportunity to enjoy a pedal ride through the largest forest remnants of the Recôncavo Sul Baiano: the Serra da Jiboia. There will be 14km of pedaling on beaten ground road through the mountains. The concentration and exit will be of the community of Pedra Branca, in Santa …

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Willian gets the Medal in Resisting the Pan of Mexico

Brazilian fought bravely to the final kilometers and completed the race in the fourth place Ending the Pan-American Road Cycling Championship Elite and Under-23 2015, was disputed this Sunday, May 10, the endurance test for the Elite Men’s category. The Brazilian Willian Chiarello was the highlight of the selection when finishing in the fourth place.

Going to Work by Bicycle Helps to Lose Weight

Research has shown that sustainable means of locomotion works well for health Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health shows that choosing more sustainable means of locomotion can bring benefits not only to the environment but also to health. The study states that walking, cycling or using public transportation for work can help …

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Picos Receives the Best Cyclist from Brazilian Marathon Championship

After showing their ability to organize in medium and large events, such as the Piauían championships, the Northeastern Road Cycling Cup and the North and North American Mountain Bike (MTB), in addition to several local events as national ranking stages Of MTB, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation-CBC chose Piauí to host the Brazilian MTB Marathon Championship, …

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Tupy’s Nevermore Wheels Project Will Focus on Traffic Safety

Project enters the third year and will have two fronts: in addition to teaching pedaling without wheels, respect in traffic will also be addressed The Rodinhas Never More project developed by Tupy within its platform of social responsibility in partnership with the Catarinense Federation of Cycling debut novelties in its 2015 schedule. Starting next Sunday …

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CBC and Brazilian Paralympic Committee Study to Expand Actions

The president of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, José Luiz Vasconcellos, received this Friday (15), the visit of the technical director of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), Edilson Alves da Rocha, also known as “Tubiba”. At the meeting, we discussed actions for the promotion and development of Paralympic Cycling thinking about major sporting events.

Cycle Tourism is the New Tourist Proposal

The Executive Secretariat of the Fruit Circuit, currently headquartered at the Jundiaí City Hall under the responsibility of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Supply and Tourism, is coordinating initial studies for an unprecedented “cycle route” that will cover the 10 municipalities that make up the Circuit-Jundiaí, Itatiba, Jarinu, Atibaia, Morungaba, Louveira, Itupeva, Indaiatuba, Vinhedo and Valinhos.

Fastest Bike Ride from Mount CaburaÍ to ChuÍ

Record is from cyclist Marcelo Florentino Soares, who completed the course of more than 10 thousand kilometers in 57 days, passing through 17 Brazilian states. The São Paulo cyclist Marcelo Florentino Soares, 43, joins RankBrasil in 2015 for the fastest bike ride from Monte Caburaí to Chuí.

Boy with Visual Impairment first Pedals Bicycle in Joinville

Sports and visually impaired? If you have doubts, little Dudu shows you on video how fun it is to ride a bike without even seeing it. In the images the volunteer guide, Francisco Moraes, 69, guides the bicycle with two seats that allows the child to go ahead. Francisco plays boy Dudu to slow down.

For Those Who Steal a Bike … and Who Lost a Bike!

Lately they are stealing more bicycles…I do not know if it’s a matter of economic crisis, maybe even wake up by the bicycle, or just omission of public safety responsibility. The motives do not matter, but the facts lead to the concern of the cycling community. If we are going to seek reflection on the issue of …

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In the Spirit of the Freighters …

We are studying heavily the freighters…although many Brazilian websites and blogs are indifferent to this topic, there is a great importance on this subject. Recently, in the last fairs, one perceives a strong commitment of the industry for this market. In Las Vegas, in the year 2014, there were dozens of cargo-type models…with options to load in …

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Paratleta Represents Brazil in the World Cup of Paraclete

Athlete Scott Silvana Chimionato will stage the competition between June 13 and 16 in Switzerland Paratlete Silvana Chimionato will represent Brazil in one of the most important competitions of the calendar of the world paracyclism: the World Cup of the modality, which will take place from June 13 to 16 in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Leader of the …

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Rezende is Gold at the BMX Championship in Chile

Brazil participated in the race with the largest delegation in history, gathering 120 riders from all categories The strength of the Brazilian BMX reappeared this Sunday, May 24, during the Pan-American BMX Championship held in Chile. The team secured the victory with the rider Renato Rezende, who dominated the competition from end to end, winning all …

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Tricycles and Motorcycles Bicycles to Speed Sweeping Collection

Cycle routes will be used and motorized vehicles will travel on the main road corridors of the city In order to expedite the collection of sweeping waste in São Paulo, the Department of Services, through the Municipal Authority of Urban Cleaning (Amlurb), began to adopt mms and motorcycles. On Thursday morning (28/5), in Viaduto do Chá, …

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Brazil Confirms Second Stage for Urubici / SC

The test, valid also by the Latin American, leaves Pomerode and will be held in a place already tested and consolidated in 2014 The second stage of the Brazil Enduro Series was transferred to the city of Urubici (SC) and will be held between 20 and 23 August. The race will be worth as a stage …

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Rio Das Ostras, RJ, Receives Edition of Audax Rio

Evidence is not competitive and there is no dispute over positions. Event classifies cyclists for event in Paris, France Cyclists will pedal up to 600 km in another edition of Audax Rio, which will be held in Rio das Ostras, in the interior of Rio, between Friday (29) and Sunday (31). The competitions are not competitive and …

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City of Fortaleza Inaugurates Paracycles in the Center

Project is a partnership with the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL) The City Hall of Fortaleza, in partnership with the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL), inaugurates two new motorcycles: on the boardwalk C. Rolim, on Tuesday (May 5), and in Praça do Carmo on Wednesday (May 20) At 4:00 p.m. The equipment is bicycle parking, with free access …

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