[Iwatch] Apple Hires Two Engineers from Nike Fuelband

The rumors about the iWatch seem to be increasingly close to becoming reality, every week we’re getting to know each other more and more news related to the possible future smart Apple clock. The list of specific contracts and related to this type of product does not stop growing, I am new here in iPad …

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Apple Patent Tablet Cover with Foldable Screen

Apple has today received the patent for a “flexible display of dockable cover” from the USPTO (US organ responsible for patents and trademarks). The document describes a cover for iPads that would give devices a second screen, with several folding tabs, each of which could show different data.

Apple Prohibits Free Newspaper Editions on the iPad

Known for keeping tight control of everything that goes through the screens of their desirable mobile devices, Apple announced this week that prohibit that printed newspapers offer free versions for the iPad to their subscribers – those who pay to receive physical issues in port their homes every day. The reason, of course, is the …

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