Switzerland Wins Anti-PowerPoint Party

In the case of political parties, Switzerland is very well served. Since 2009 the country has one Party arm Pirate, in which its members advocate the modification of copyright laws. And following the tradition of winning foreign parties, in May it was founded APPP, which is the acronym for Anti-PowerPoint Party. Yes, it is a party to the presentation program Microsoft.

Before you think that the party is formed primarily by nephews who detest receive PPT presentations of her aunts, let me clarify that this is actually a supposed economic problem. According to the APPP, the use of PowerPoint presentations (and any other similar programs) cause losses of up to 2.1 billion Swiss francs in the economy.

In addition, the party also claims that they cost 110 billion euros in Europe’s economy. They say they got these numbers based on work time lost in the Swiss officials have all week to watch this kind of presentation. They also claim that 85% of employees do not see much use in the slides.

The purpose of the party is to ban the use of PowerPoint presentations throughout Switzerland, but for that they need to collect at least 100,000 signatures. And so far they only managed 245 members.

Learn more about the proposal of the party on its official website.

Updated at 17:55 | As well noted Rennan reader in the comments, the party is against all forms of PowerPoint, including its open source alternatives. The text was changed to reflect this information.