Swimwear Spring-Summer 2016

Some trends of this season are noticed more diverse, as the styles and fashions in clothing in general, where merge styles or retro styles are achieved easily, today the trend is universal, there is no longer an only style to choose we saw where all the same.

Today you can find a wide variety of styles of bikinis and one piece swimsuits as described in swimming garment.

From classic bikinis, bandeau (tops), sports, retro, romantic with dress, sexy band-aid, to bathing suits or full mesh in their same varieties, sexy, romantic, etc. for all kinds of figure.

Bikinis Sports 2016

Sports wave is what’s new in the style of clothing today, as we can see it on the latest in fashion trends, and this has also influenced trends in swimwear. Creative zippers and neoprene materials, interesting slogans, sports swimwear designs come with a heavy dose of style and comfort.

RETURN the years 50’s

Go crazy with the retro fashion! And now docked to styles of bikini for the spring/summer of 2016 for all kinds of figure. This retro trend in swimwear comes from pearls for women who don’t like to teach, since the waist in two piece swimsuits are high. It is a retro style but they like of the fashionista. Inspired by the years 50’s and 60’s with a special charm, high-waisted retro swimwear options can be seen now on all sides.

Bikini With Frills

Bikinis with the top with frills are especially excellent options for those who have a smaller chest, while those with a large chest advised them to stay away from this style. Likewise, the frills are also good options for those women with few hips.

With Cut-Out Swimsuits

The swimsuits with cutouts are possibly one of the main trends for this spring/summer 2016 in bikinis. Parts of the body exposed through strategically placed holes. These cuts discover lot of skin without leaving cover enough and highlight essentials such as hips, waist, shoulders, further emphasizing those parts that we want to grow a little more.

Bikinis With Turtleneck Tops

These styles of bikinis are positively gorgeous, whether they come from long sleeves or Bare shoulders. They give a more stylized and elegant figure in addition to accentuate the shoulders. They come in all its variations: with fringe cuts, embroideries, prints, with frills and more.

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits can be of different shapes and sizes. One of the biggest sub-trends to them, are the cuts, the fringe, the frills. They even come in long sleeves, leather, with ethnic and tropical prints.