Summer Party Decorations DIY

Summer nights lend themselves very informal invitations to dinners, parties and friends, maybe even just to see the World Cup. For older children, there being no more commitment to school, birthday parties can continue beyond the sunset and let the birthday boy feel grown up.

A decoration that creates the atmosphere that makes for beautiful gardens and terraces is made up of the lanterns as described in social event items that illuminate the environment and that, If you use citronella candles, can also help to keep the mosquitoes away, real killjoy. Romantic lanterns and design found in DIY stores, gardening and outdoor furniture, but you can also Save it with a few recycled materials get atmospheric lanterns. Here are some examples from the web .

Don’t waste the boxes of tomatoes, after they have been washed, you might crack them, color them, tie them up with a piece of wire, put a candle and hang or spread them far out of tables and walls.

Follow the instructions of , are in English, but enriched with photos and videos. You will be able to make these lanterns.

-Something smaller, informal and maybe to hang on a cane to get around as one of the seven dwarves? The mini lanterns made from the cans.

On, find photographic sequence explaining the realization

The same model could make it in paper, but I would say without the inclusion of the candle

Or you could use glass jars of jam or yogurt, as you may have read in a recent post on blogmamma.

Fill your Garden lanterns, put a big Tin bowl filled with ice in which pass the sodas, prepare a cold buffet with skewers of mozzarella and tomatoes and fruit kebabs, squares of focaccia and slices of salami, popcorn, chocolate brownies, buns with Nutella, watermelon into cubes and your party can begin!