Summer Look – From the Beach to the City

Summer look and leave feeling… The holiday is approaching. Your airline tickets are booked and reserved the right hotel for your holidays. Everything is planned for your holiday, is recorded in the notebook or printed form enclosed. Your Smartphone has been the latest travel apps and Google Maps has just been updated. The anticipation missed on Google’s sleepless nights, you spend it to cool hotspots, insider tips and attractive leisure offers. You want to be well informed and prepared and are looking forward to go with your friends or your family on a vacation to experience beautiful moments and to capture them with your camera. As the funniest things of which it is said years later, happen always on vacation. So you boy not a few days before departure for the Pack, what you should take at all, we have here two practical summer looks with which you guaranteed stylish and will look casual.

Summer Look No. 1

For the day trip or the beach, you’re equipped with this look. The trendy outdoor Backpack by Fjall Raven offers enough space for your sightseeing tour or on the beach. Birkenstockshoes, which are essential in the holiday and let you go kilometres far without complaints are comfortable and again said. You can wear a casual looking top with the tank, which widespread beach mood with surfers elements. The shirt fits with the boyfriend Jeansshort from Maison Scotch. The Casio watch is your summer look that certain something and is a practical accessory for your ventures. A pair of sunglasses, such as that of SUPER, should not be missed during your summer look.

Summer Look No. 2

Casual-chic you come to look at any pool party, in the city or in the evening in the hotspot of town with this summer. The dress by Stefanel is airy and comfortable to wear. Combining this with the Sandals of Bull Boxer, nothing in the way suits you for the chic pool party. Accessories such as the chain of sweet Deluxe and the stylish sunglasses by SUPER round the summer look well off. The right hand pocket of Fritzi from Prussia, as well as the wallet from Michael Kors stow everything you need so on vacation. All summer you’ll find looks and much more in our Online Shop.