Streaming: The Most Important Services at A Glance

Streaming Replaces the Classic Video Library

It’s been a long time that the good old video store has been replaced by the online video streaming platforms. But what streaming provider fits best? In the following, we will present you three video-streaming platforms.


The leader can currently boast of well over 65 million customers. After signing must be decided first for a version. Parallel use of two devices (€9.99 per month) and ultra-HD package including four stream options (€11.99) distinction is made between standard package (€7.99 per month), incl. HD package. The payment of the invoice can be followed easily via PayPal, debit or credit, but also. The subscription is monthly callable. The selection of movies and series is immense, which at least all subtitled, but are also for the most part already synchronized. Netflix gives you a big advantage with their series, which will among other things even produced and broadcast of course only on Netflix. An example of this is the biography of Pablo Escobar “Narcos”. Netflix is TVs and Blu-ray players compatible and perfect for people who like to watch series PS3, PS4, also with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows phone, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Wii U, smart!


The most popular video-streaming provider in Germany. The movies and shows can be streamed with a Silverlight browser extensions. The cost at Watchever is €8.99 per month and is a month’s notice. Special feature: Movies and series can be up to 30 days is offline cached and watched without an Internet connection. Watchever is compatible on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Xbox, Wii, PS3, PS4, smart TVs and Blu-ray players. At Watchever, much emphasis placed on the children’s Department and therefore the range held huge animated television series. Watchever is perfect for growing children!

Max Dome

Germany’s biggest online video library with over 50,000 titles. Offering streaming is part of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 – Media Group’s and how expected dominate as the usual US series “how I met your mother”. Max dome can play previously saved films and series also comes in handy in offline mode. Cost at Max dome is €7.99 per month and is a month’s notice. However, many movies and series with extra costs of €0.49 – €4.99 are playable. Max dome is compatible with iOS, Andorid, Mac, PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4, smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Perfectly suited to all lovers of private television!

Also Music is Increasingly Streamed

Similarly as in the film industry, there are more and more streaming services also in the music industry. Here we have listed three provider you.


Spotify offers over 30 million music tracks – and every day, about 20,000 new titles are added. For every taste something is, from charts to unknown artists. Spotify is in two different versions on the market. As the free entry level product, where you have to take many commercial breaks into buying and satisfied himself with a quality 160 Kbit / s. On the other hand the premium rate, which costs €9.99 a month. This then any commercial breaks are eliminated. On premium fares, you can also use Spotify even in offline mode and enjoy a quality of up to 320 kbit / s. Play lists can be created easily and for playlist Spotify provides extensions via the function “Discover music”, the weekly, automated play list created “Your mix of the week”, different apps, and linking with various social networks.


With over 16 million users, Deezer is regarded as one of the leading music-streaming provider. Deezer offers approximately 30 million titles and can be used with free or chargeable premium rate. The advantage of the premium tariff is for use in offline mode, which works exclusively with the premium rate. Create play lists and import your own music succeeds easily. The audio quality varies depending on the tariff. With the paid rate, kbit / s is streamed with 128. That is too little who can book tariff the premium + and streams with 320 kbit / s.


With over 34 million titles is Napster, one of the giants of the music-streaming platforms. Napster is with two different rates on the market. For one the cheap version, which provides unlimited access to the cloud music over the Internet and the computer. On the other hand the premium fare, which in addition offers an offline mode for this purpose. The prices start at €9.99 and monthly callable. There is not a free version of Napster, however, both tariffs for 30 days can be tested free of charge. Importing your own existing music is not possible, the easier but succeeds in creating playlists. The great advantage of Napster is that you can hear the music package also without any Internet connection anywhere.