STARDOM: THE a-LIST, One of The Best Time Management Games

One of the genres most aided in games for mobile phones and tablets are the games of time management, that relies on fulfill missions managing energy points we granted over time. However, few get the quality that is expected, but with STARDOM: THE A-LIST We are facing the greatest exponent of these games.

The game puts you in the role of a young actor or actress, which must reach the top in lists of famous. You just moved to a new apartment in search of Fame, but your money only gives you a dilapidated floor, with which we will have to start from the bottom: serving coffees and recording home shopping ads.

As we go doing jobs, opt to senior roles and better paid. Pass drop stupid phrases in a home shopping to have a leading role in major film productions or series. When it comes to win fame and money imported the production level, the role that we have given and also gender who is filming. All this without forgetting find a famous couple, a fact add that there are both heterosexual characters, such as homosexuals and bisexuals who to fall in love.

It is also a game with constant advances, because every time they change a stage further with different missions, as they already were Paris and New York, each with special missions. It also has a social layer that allows us to add our Facebook contacts to do projects with us to win both fame and money.


  • Developer: Glu Mobile
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games

Can you reach the A-List? Schmooze, flirt, lie, fight – and maybe even work – your way to STARDOM!
From getting off the bus as a nobody to accepting an award as an international superstar, get rich and famous by starring in movies and TV shows and winning over fans.