Stainless Steel Bering Rings Interactive jewelry design

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the Bering rings with Twist & Change system that can be considered revolutionary in modern jewelery design. What is so unique about the rings from this Danish company is that they are going to do and change using a screw mechanism. This is really simple and something everyone can do and that makes it possible to get a completely unique ring, every day! How Bering rings with Twist & Change system.

The outer layers. By screwing up so you can have put the rings that you want in the middle. In this way you can combine high-tech ceramic materials with stainless steel posts of Swarovski stones. In addition, there are parts that have a network design that is both elegant and stylish. You decide how you want to build up the ring and you can change it as needed. You can also buy the parts so that you can build on with more sparkle and color feature and get a ring that is constantly evolving and changing.

Interactive jewelery design.

It could very well be called the Bering rings for interactive jewelery design. It’s fun to self-assemble ring and match colors and materials along the mood and desire. It makes it playful and fun to choose the ring. Moreover, it is Bering rings made of very high quality and they look really amazing. We are pleased to Bering jewelry is now with us, and we invite you to a brand new adventure with arctic beauty and the ability to combine and build beautiful rings along its own flavor and feel.