Special: The Compact Jacket ABC

They arrive punctually with spring – these days, when it is warm but not hot, where it can turn from one second to the next from cozy to frosty.

With these often moody changes of temperature, it is particularly important to have reliably warming and at the same time chic companions, which can be quickly thrown over when it becomes surprisingly cool.

With all the different jackets the choice is sometimes difficult. What is the right jacket for which look? What exactly is a bolero, how does it differ from the cardigan and why are blousons characterized?

To give you an overview of the great variety of warming companions, intershippingrates has put together the most important jackets with styling tips for you!

Biker Jacket

The Biker Jacket, as its name suggests, originally came from the field of protective clothing and first adorned motorcyclists only before they found their way into everyday life.

Their characteristics: mostly made of heavy material (traditional leather), close fit, the casual turn-around collar, as well as an oblique zipper.

The biker jacket is a true all-rounder, which works both as a casual wear to jeans and a shirt, as well as a stylish break to the tender summer dress.


The very short cut bolero is the ideal jacket for such outfits, of which as much as possible is to be visible.

It is very concise shape usually only covers the arms and shoulders completely, leaving the upper body largely free.

This makes the Bolero the ideal to-go jacket for chic evening looks.

A bolero cannot normally be closed at the front and is therefore really only suitable for warmer days. It exudes a subtle, refined elegance through its very light, airy shape and is a great companion for feminine, playful outfits, but of course, just as well, to simplify, minimalistic looks works.

Blouson Jacket

The currently very trendy Blouson jacket is characterized by a wide, very loose fit and is usually made of solid cotton. The short-cut jacket is most easily recognizable by the attached cuff, which closes it in the waist and the typical short cadet collar.

The famous aviator and college jackets are a subspecies of this popular jacket model.

While the Blouson jacket used to be a primary sporting image, more recent models are often embroidered and embellished and have gained glamor, which is why they are often used in the evenings.


The female version of the classic Herren sakkos is the best choice for serious, formal outfits and therefore, especially in professional life, often and often seen.

The mostly waist-length, waisted fit with deployed sleeves and stiff reverse collar radiate self-assured, adult understatement.

The blazer is no longer confined to the business sphere, however, and can now and should be combined with relaxed daytime jeans and shirt.

My tip: For this casual styling, especially short, only approximately waist-length cut models with half-sleeved sleeves are the best.


The cardigan, which is mostly made of fine woolen material, is, like the bolero, the very thin, light transition jackets, which are the best in feminine, lovely looks.

A cardigan usually has a straight, at least waist-length fit, long sleeves, a V-neck, attached pockets and is usually closed with buttons.

I personally combine the delicate jacket with equally delicate jewelery, as great statement pieces, the delicate jacket can quickly kill.

Shirt Jacket

The shirt jacket is the chameleon under the light jackets because their length and fit can vary greatly depending on the label.

Their most striking feature is the usually short, wide (just shirt-like) sleeves, which they visually stand out from other jackets.

Even colorful, playful prints are often found on shirt jackets. This jacket model therefore spills a more sporty flair and is therefore the most beautiful to relaxed day looks, which it instantly enhances with its often eye-catching designs.