Spain Shoes Celebrates the Anniversary of the Goya Awards

Shoes will be the next stars of the Goya Awards. It is that the next edition of the film awards will be 25 years, and to celebrate will be an exhibition of height and style where the shoes will be the protagonists.

Under the name of 24 × 25, You can enjoy 24 models exclusively created by some of the best Spanish brands of footwear by reference one of the award-winning films throughout the history of the Goya Awards, in the category of best film.

An original idea where Spanish designers as Armand Basi, Audley, Barrats, Callaghan, Cordwainer, naturalist, George´s, Gorilla, Magrit, Martinelli, Mister, Nacho Rivera, Paco Gil, Paco Herrero, Pertini, Piulin, Pretty Ballerinas, Pura Lopez, Rebeca Sanver, Sacha London, Sinela, Ursula Mascaro, Vienty and Zampiere they have worked on the winning films freely looking for inspiration in any of its elements for the creation of your shoe.

For example, Paco Gil It was inspired by the film’s lovers of Vicente Aranda, and has designed this booty of nose, heel sandal and half round with pleats at the top. A model of cords surrounding the cane at ankle height and combines various materials: Leopard and black napa weave. Perfect to wear with skinny jeans to wear it out or pants flared inside, so that the tip.

Rebeca Sanver (cover photo) was inspired by the women on the verge of a nervous breakdown or Pertini in the successful cell 211.

If you want to enjoy this exhibition, can go to the Academy of cinema in the calle Zurbano during the days prior to the Goya Awards Gala.