Souvenirs Or Family History in Decoration

Be it through photos, furniture that goes from parents to children, drawings and paintings of adults and children, objects panned in travel … anyway, there are many ways to talk about the history or memories of the family in the decoration of the house. But there is always the need to create harmonious forms with the rest of the decor and not overdo it in the measure – we do not want a house-museum or house-documentary in general, is not it? Taking this care, doing it makes everything more original and with the house face of people.

That grandmother’s sewing machine can look beautiful in a corner of the room (I remembered my mother, who sewed and sewed until today – one of her machines was very similar to that…

Children’s comics and some little family photos can even welcome you into the hall (just do not overdo the family photos, choose them well and change from time to time for more current.

The fabric or scarf you bought on the trip can decorate the bar or other canti nho.

A lovely way to expose family photos on a ladder or aisle. And they can be mixed with other photos of places where the family has strolled, houses where they lived….

That collection of fabrics, objects, cushions you bought on travel can make up an “ethnic corner”

An old dresser, family heirloom, in the living room? And why not?

Family photos treated as works of art value the corner of a more internal area of ​​the house (it can be in the bedroom or an office, for example)

Creating spaces to put that collection values ​​much more than spreading the pieces around the house.

Plants that end up being half of the family, an object made by you and a travel souvenir in a single corner that shows the personality of the family and is totally original – only you will have.

Another difficult place to go unnoticed: Mix collections (in this case of old radios) with furniture of the family. It would still be possible to add one or two family photos.