Sony NWZ-WH505: MP3 Player, Mini Pregnant And Headphones At The Same Time!

Discovery of an original concept today with the Sony NWZ-WH505. Visually, the NWZ-WH505 evokes a head headband headphones. Large Atria remind of closed type with a weight of 292 g circum-aural headphones. 

Why the end of concept? Because, for the first time to my knowledge, Sony offers a 3 in 1 unit that brings together the functions of MP3 player, Nomad and headphones!

The accessories are a micro-USB/USB cable, a jack/jack cable and a manual. Looking more closely, this “headphone” has unusual keys. The right atrium welcomes one volume button, another navigation in the tracks as well as to break market, and a Shuffle /Playlist. button On the left atrium there’s an operating light, a micro-USB socket protected by a cache, a Jack, a Sound/Illumination button, a Reset hole, a power button and a mode switch headphone or speakers.


Sony NWZ-WH505 includes speakers with Aperture 40 mm allowing a mini style look pregnant, and an internal memory of 16 GB to store your music tracks in MP3, AAC, PCM or WMA format. The FLAC only is unfortunately not supported. The internal battery allows for 20 hours (in headset mode) for 2 hours of charge. Using the speakerphone, autonomy comes down to 5 h. Note that the NWZ-WH505 offers fast charge either 3 minutes to load for 1 hours of listening. Navigation button allows so from one title to another, the Sound /llumination button turns on or off the bright Walkman logo located on the hull of each headset, and the Playlist/Shuffle button to switch to a shuffle to your playlists.

Nomadic speakermode, do not expect to move your walls, the noise level remains modest. The bass is very light. The mid-high is richer on the PCM or WMA files. Anyway the NWZ-WH505 is intended for a personal listening with the headphones around his neck and asked flat Atria. I’m not a fan of this kind of listening which is often annoying to other people, especially in transit. But we must recognize that it is safer to listen to bike for example because it isolates not of the outside world. To return to listening, the acute tends to become garish by mounting the volume. Inheadsetmode, the bass wins logically growing and sound to rebalance. It clearly does not achieve the level of the best headphones in the category but listening still enjoyable. We would have liked more definition and a better sitting serious but the Sony ‘does the job ‘. The helmet is nice with a rather firm clamping but comfortable pads. Insulation is good, we still perceive external noises, but they are not too annoying and parasitize not listening. The NWZ-WH505 lack of dynamics, including securities that “move”.

Plugged into a Cowon Z2 with the supplied jack cable, the NWZ-WH505 offers more tonal richness and dynamics, with however a predominant and systematic serious that tends to overshadow the midrange.

Sony offers an innovative concept with the NWZ-505 WH 3 in 1 machine at a price that is affordable. The finish is good and the ease of use. We would have liked more finesse in the return but the manufacturer can boast to take risks in an area altogether rather conformist.