Sony NWZ-W273, A Dedicated Sports Waterproof MP3 Player

There are several models of sport MP3 players on the market, but they have the disadvantage of not be integrated, that is to say that you have a reader and a listener part, not necessarily very practical, especially in swimming.

Sony innovates by proposing an integrated whole drive. Presenting in the form of a choker type ear headphones, Sony has indeed a mp3 player. Capacity of 4 GB (approximately 1000 titles) will be very largely sufficient for your sports sessions. Main feature of this drive, he meets IPX8 standard, that is to say that it will be waterproof up to 2 meters.Should be as well for use in the shower to the pool or jogging for (it is resistant to perspiration and rain) and can be washed. Light, it weighs only 29 grams. Available in Blue, white or Black, it comes with a USB charging stand, quick start guide, and 2 pairs of silicone tips (sizes S and L).

The right atrium is open the keys start/pause, next/previous track, lighting, blocking and an insert for the reset. His counterpart on the left offers the volume control and the random key. Autonomy is 8 hours for 90 minutes of load and it should be noted that 3-minute charge provide you 1 hour of listening. The NWZ-W273 accepts the audio files as MP3, WMA, ALAC. Once connected USB to your computer, the acquisition of securities is done simply by drag and drop from iTunes as from your Explorer Windows. It is possible to create up to 8 records, for an easy classification of your records. At the level of the finishing, there is nothing wrong, the Pearly aspect of the headphones is qualitative, they seem strong and made to last, and specially designed support is convenient.

At the level of the qualifications audio, it is clear that one should not expect to find the sound of a good classic MP3 player on this type of device, and we are not disappointed. The sound is cut short at the ends but quality very widely acceptable especially for usage will be used. The available volume is sufficient, and, stuck under a shower CAP, it takes very well when your lengths in the pool. The navigation keys is very convenient and the fact that everything is integrated in the headphones brings a true operating convenience. But, because there is a but, it seems well intended to a male audience than feminine. Two people of the fairer sex who have experienced it we indeed deplored poor performance, due to the shape and size of the headphones ill-suited to a woman’s ear. When you know the percentage of women in the audience of our pools, it’s a shame.

Great product overall, the Sony NWZ-W273 is perfect for sports use, as well in the pool as in running. Well manufactured, ingenious in its design, comprehensive and easy to use without reaching excessive rates, just wish the marketing by Sony of a model more suitable for the female audience.