Smart band: the Smart Bracelet from Sony

An eye on growing demand for the “technology of wear”, represented by gadgets full of features like the Smart Watches and the smart glasses, among others, Sony also decided to invest in the sector.

The Japanese manufacturer’s booth at CES 2014, famous technology fair which takes place in Las Vegas (USA), the brand showed the revolutionary your smart bracelet, which can be the first of many “wearable” devices.

Named SmartBand, the smart bracelet from Sony at Photionary has several types of functions, and may, for example, save and analyze the data on the practice of physical activity, showing the calories lost with the effort, the distance travelled in a walk and the heart rate, among other information.

How it works

Working in conjunction with a small sensor called “Core”, which features NFC connectivity and is inserted into the bracelet, the Smart Band can monitor not only the user’s physical activities, but also all of your daily routine.

If it is used during 24 hours, for example, she is able to record everything the user has done in this period, as the movements made by him, the places through which he passed and the media used, among other data, and may even show if he slept well (see ma is detail in the video below).

In addition, the bracelet can connect to the smart phone owner to receive and show notifications, through vibration or the emission of light signals, indicating that he received telephone calls and messages or have updates on their profiles in networks social. Through it, you can also control the music player of the phone and some applications.

All information collected by the Smart Band bracelet are stored in Life log application, which will be released soon by the Japanese brand, with versions for Android and iOS, in order for the user to access them whenever you want, knowing a little more about your lifestyle.


According to Sony, the smart bracelet SmartBand, the sensor Core and app Lifelog will be available until the end of the first quarter of 2014, being compatible with the Android (version for iOS comes after).

The device will cost 99 euros, equivalent to R $320.00, by the current quotation, without taxes and fees. The bracelet can be found in various colors.