Small Eyes Makeup: How to Enhance the Look

Makeup for small eyes? Here are some suggestions to give depth and volume to the look, starting with the choice of the right products and colors for your skin tone.

Small eyes? No problem, just the right make-up and you’re done. The makeup for small eyes must be only goal to expand significantly the space in the upper eyelid to the eye, giving the impression that the look is very deep. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated, just simply those few products we use every day, such as mascara, Eyelash curler, eye shadow and pencil, and you will reach the goal “big eye” in a few simple steps.

Operation long eyelashes

Mascara, in these cases, the product must have because it allows us to expand and give depth to the eye, making the magnetic gaze and alluring. It is not just lash volume, the secret is especially make them longer than what they really are by curving them using, for example, an Eyelash curler. Alternatively, at least on special occasions, you can without any problems resort to false eyelashes.

The color eye shadow

A conscious choice of the color of eye shadow to use make-up, can make the difference between a small and a big eye. If you have very small eyes, so better choose light colors for the first half of the eyelid which reflect light, will make eyes bigger and brighter. On the crease of the eye color will apply instead of medium intensity, neither clear nor too dark, while for the final part of the eye should be used dark colors that obviously will be blurred.

What pencils use

The Eye makeup is not complete unless with a pencil to mark the strokes of the eye. Also in this case the choice must take account of our goal, so we will have to carefully select both the color, that the area in which we are going to apply the pencil. For the inside of the eye better using a solid very clear, if you can not help it, to the sternum will be fine even a dark pencil, provided, however, that draw fine lines that extend to the outside of the eye.

In each case, so as not to burden the appearance, the advice is to keep out of light shades that match well to the complexion. The trick is to correct imperfections and flaws, but must in any case appear natural, otherwise the “trick” you see. Looking for any suggestions? Please take a look at our photo gallery.