Sleeping Bag Care

This is a guest post by Andreas, who operates the Outdoor Camp blog recently.

The acquisition of a good sleeping bag is not seldom connected with a deeper grip in the purse. For this reason, keen is located the most outdoor enthusiasts to be able to use the sleeping bag for a long time. Whether it is to a down sleeping bag or to a synthetic sleeping bag – with proper maintenance the life span of both types of sleeping bag can be significantly increase. So even after a few years, the sleeping comfort is given, there are a few golden rules which allow easy to follow.

The most important rule in terms of sleeping bag care: never long in his tight storage bag rolled up leave the sleeping bag. Storage and compression bags are handy to carry although scary because they reduce the big sleeping bag on a minimal pack size, but that the important inner filling is also compressed. She can be, not properly vented resulting inevitably in the squat a wet mould. Is the sleeping bag is not to be required for a longer period of time, it should be stored better dry in a large pillow case or a tote bag.

It is clear that as a sleeping bag for frequent use in PIMASLEEPINGBAGS.COM gets even some dirt. Let light dirt stains just rub with a wet cloth. After 40 or 50 nights in use, a proper wash tolerate but even so a sleeping bag. Thus stubborn can dissolve more easily smudges. Also, the filling is relaxed again.

It is advisable to take the washing itself. For this purpose, to use best a mild detergent. If you like, can use special SOAP to wash for synthetics or down. Of course, nothing speaks to use the bathtub, although this process can be very stressful to the laundry of the sleeping bag. Finally, such a sleeping bag is enormously difficult, if he fully sucked up with the water. Cleaning in a large washing machine is easier and with less effort. The suitable machine for the sleeping bag wash should have capacity to do this approximately seven kilograms.

It is important to wash the sleeping bag so that no foam can be seen more well after washing. Until then, he should be thrown for a short time in the machine or hand wrung out neatly. Please never simply pull out of the washing machine the washed bag, not tear the wet stuff, but the good piece with both hands carefully lift out from the washing machine.
Then, the sleeping bag to dry well. Easily this goes with a dryer, which has 180 litre capacity, as it is to find, for example, in laundromats. Simply select a low temperature setting to dry. No dryer you can locate you can spread the wet sleeping bag as well as on the ground and even shake about every 20 minutes. The wet bag may not be suspended, because otherwise lumps may form in the filling, which may not dry out.

For the use of the sleeping bag during a long tour it is, to use an inner sleeping bag. This ensures that the outer sleeping bag gets hardly any welding and less need to be washed. The principle of operation is the same as the use of bed linen for bed covers. Indoor sleeping bag are also much easier to clean.

With these Tips you can clearly prolong the life time of a sleeping bag and you can put the money saved in other outdoor equipment.