Skirts for Body Types

As a personal stylist, I am accustomed to looking at women’s bodies. I have studied them intently for several years and has even written a book about them. Through my work, I have also learned that the concerns of women most of all is that they are in any doubt about what clothes just them and their bodies. Mostly because we most often think of clothes-sizes and not so much in body types. And it is a pity for you first know and understand your body type, then you have taken the ultimate first step on the road to a beautiful exterior. Once you knowhow you are put together purely visually, then you know also how to dress you in order to get the most out of your character.

It is, of course, individually, what we want to highlight and camouflage. And fortunately for the – otherwise it was woman-picture the nicely monotonous (read: boring) to look at.

There are just so many different female body types as there are women on the ground, in other words, approx. 3.5 billion, according to That is, quite impossible to outline them all. Here at our latitudes, there are, however, mainly 7 and I have divided them as follows: Drop, round, Rectangle, Curved, 8 figures, Sporty and Square. Each body type has its unique features, benefits and challenges. Here, we look more closely at those of you who have robust thighs, butt and stomach (Baskets, round and Drop, and of also the figure of eight).


It is important you think quite a lot of the material your skirt to be stitched, so the substance itself. Select some good relatively light materials that fall beautifully and does not stick to your body. Is the substance too rigid and without form, you will quickly see cuboid.


You have plenty of shape, so the trick is not to add more fullness to your body right here, or at least make it elegant. I.e. Beware with Ruffles, pockets, pleats and other excessive decorations. Remember that dark colors decreases and bright colors magnifies. And think about the fact that while the broad horizontal lines enlarges, making diagonal, vertical and asymmetric lines narrower and pulls together. You can find some fabric with little fine detail, it is preferable, since large patterns (e.g. flowers a la Marimekko) makes more.


Tall women can more easily get away with long skirts than lower women. Are you not so high (or will you like to sight higher), your skirt finish off at the knees, if possible. a little over. It is always a good idea to let your skirts join at the narrowest point. Are you annoyed by heavy thighs or seed so be sure that your skirt (or dress) ends either above or below the critical area.


It I, among other things. think is so great about my work is that no matter how you look like, it is possible to correct the focus exactly where you want it. Here are some good tweaks:

  • Use strong colours, where you want attention. Do you have a dark outfit on and a red belt is the only belt you’ll notice.
  • We love skin. Show skin, where you are proud of it. Collarbone, arms, shoulders, legs, back, etc. It need not be in large quantities – a bit is enough.
  • The beginning and end. Our eyes comes naturally where there is “something happens”. So how lengths begins or ends. The transition from one color to another. From pattern to solid color. From fabric for skin. Etc. And it’s a great way you can adjust what you want highlighted and toned down.
  • And so it is important to bear in mind that, in principle, of course you can (and should) do you feel like no matter what fashion and other dictates. A woman resting in himself and his clothes are prettier than anything else, if you ask me.