Skinny Black Jeans New Look

The total black look is in. And it goes to everyone. In denim-rock version ‘ not chic, it propels us squarely in the category of guys hype. Decryption…

It was nice to be addicted to the blue jeans, it didn’t no that the total look denim in life. There is the all black over also. Well okay… with at least a piece of canvas. #passionjeanquandtunoustiens.

This time, it is inspired by the rockabilly look and elegant in this trendsetteur. And to compete in the spirit of our JOTD mode 50 shades of black, what’s better than a slim? After all, it was ‘ to the slim fit is part more punks history denim pants.
The black slim also advantage of match with many parts of the male wardrobe. One can even speak of must have… to wear depending on our body. It goes without saying. The risk of having to draw a line under our great QuickDraw.

Who says rock, necessarily says John hole. So no question out without having ripped our was ‘ to give it effect destroyed, at the level of the knees. However, this does not mean that we should let our black jeans turn gray or worse, gently let him turn into John streaked because of the white trail of laundry. Here are some tips from extrareference on how to combine black jeans:

Black is black

For the rest of our outfit, we put on a fitted black T-shirt. A Basic. Not yet found the perfect model, that the vintage spirit and just cool? Let’s take a look at the exclusive collection Re-Done x Hanes tees. As he begins to really to curdle, it slips into a sweatshirt zipper. The detail that kills : a v oversize and asymmetrical zip neckline. Too much swag. We also love an officer jacket revisited sauce tuxedo, so smart with his collar in satin. Not a fan of materials that glow? No problem. As long as our jacket is dark and has a double-breasted, it remains in the mind.

Side accessories, we’re going all-in. First with sunglasses, black and very opaque, to have an air of mystery. Then we shoppe a leather shoulder bag. Becausea man who has the style is not without its it-bag. Yes, it is!

Another very important point: you’re covered! So you don’t forget to put on a ribbed wool Cap. It’s a must have borrowed from the nineties, we love this season.
At our feet, white sneakers… but not the Stan Smith. The focus is rather on a models that will take over from the popular Adidas (and reviews) of recent years.

There is not to say, we’re undermined as never!

Our shopping selection:

Jean slim EZZY, Kaporal, 69 euros.

1 blazer with cross-buttonhole, Etro, 1010 euros.

2 Sweatshirt zipped asymmetrical, LOST & FOUND ROOMS, 400,76 euros.

3 bag weekend, H & M, 49.99 euros.

4. sunglasses, Dior, 425 euros.

5. two-tone sneakers, Dolce & Gabbana, 495 euros.