Shoe Guide, Part 2: Brogue

Already after the first part of the shoe guide managed to you readers figure out that part two will address the topic of brogue. For simple and clean shoes in all honor, the brogue is a wonderful way to give your shoes a little character and looks just as good with jeans as costume. The only question is what exactly is the brogue.

The word Brogue is often used as a term for a certain type of shoe model, according to payhelpcenter. In fact, however, is just the name of the brogue patterns that often adorn the shoes. Brogue used today to all types of shoes, everything from sneakers to monk shoes. Those who were the first to use lapel pin flower on his shoes, however, were Irish farmers. For that the shoes would clear by wet ground and wiping easier with sid parts and toes with small holes. The pattern then spread further into the British aristocracy, and quickly became the highest fashion. Patterns became ever more refined and evolved to complete only a decorative purpose.

Lapel pin flower is usually divided into two categories, semi-and helbrogue. This is simply betckningar how tåhättan is designed. Helbrogue has a vingtåhätta, where tåhättan looks like a double-v. Maybe it’s the English word wingtip is more intimate. Semibrogue means tåhättan is totally straight. It covers then unlike vingtåhättan only a small part of the shoe’s “toe”.

The pattern is designed with punching tools in different sizes of hole, usually between 1-5 mm. These different sizes are mixed to create the desired decoration. Hålmönstrena that marks the seams and edges of shoe parts tend to be punched by hand, while a standard image used for decoration on the toe. Classical decoration is always perfectly symmetrical and designed to comply with the other forms. However, there are several manufacturers that have their own very charismatic lapel pin flower. In the past we have written about Gieves & Hawkes, who have designed a pattern after shot volley from a shotgun. Another example is the Barker Black with its very stylish head designer Derrick Millermanufactures high quality shoes in which broguemönstret are often designed as a skull.

Worth discussing is also broguemönstret stylistic status. Originally, shoes with lapel pin flower pretty sporty shoes and therefore they should at the very most formal dress codes should be avoided. It is perfect for costume, but when the dress code is white tie or black tie is a pair of clean shoes with closed lacing is preferable. However, it also fits great brogue casual wear including jeans.

There are also several other types of decorations on the shoe that does not fall under the betckningen brogue. Often the shoe’s toe-cap and the upper parts lined with a sick-sackmönster. This is called tagging and fill a decorative purpose, but is also used to remove the cut edges that occur when shoe parts are cropped. Decorations are also used on the shoe’s sole and heel. Shoe Maker creates different pattern by drawing a heated polishing the iron along the sole and heel. This creates lines with a special structure to show the craftsmanship behind the shoe.