Shambala Bracelet Jewelry

The Shambala bracelets were created by jewelry store of the same name belonging to the Danish brothers Mads and Kurt. Inspired by the thirds to Buddhists away negative energies and unite the man at positive energies are produced with cosmic originally spiked balls of precious or semiprecious connected by a cord circuit in macrame. As big stars like Beyoncé and Bianca Brandoli started wearing these bracelets, they became famous and other brands began making them in different models. So, get to know the models and prices and find out where to buy the bracelet Shambala.

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Where To Buy

You can find the Shambala bracelets in various sites like: Free Market, Maria Mello accessories, Elo7 among others.


Bracelet original, created by brothers Shambala Danes costs around EUR 27000 has this exorbitant price because it is all made with precious stones.

However, the simplest women can make do, as Shambala bracelets for all tastes and pockets. On the open market, for example, the model below, made with Swarovski faceted Crystal stone and enceirado wire only costs R$14,90.

Maria Mello accessories, the bracelets are made with Czech crystals Shambala or turquoise resin, rhinestones and satin wire finish. The prices are not on the site, but if you are interested in one of the models below, contact the artist by email

In Elo7, there are numerous models of Shambala bracelets sold by various artists. Among all, we choose the model below for being creative and eccentric. Made with Chinese crystals, glass Pearl in color lead and Golden skulls cost 30.00 per.

The Shambala bracelets are fashionable and, therefore, we must find them also in costume jewelry stores and department stores. They combine with any style and complete the visual so irreverent, creative and versatile.Therefore, choose the templates that already more match your personality and use them to leave your visual even more modern.

Note: the above prices were quoted at day 9 July 2012 and therefore are liable to changes. For more information, visit the sites marked.