See Tips On How to Organize Small Bathrooms

With creativity you can organize objects and even change the look of the decor. ZAP magazine shows tips on how to reuse pots and other materials

One of the big questions at the time of retirement or furnish an apartment is in relation to the bathrooms. Smaller, these spaces are essential in everyday life of a home and, accommodate different functions, it is essential to take advantage of the available space in the best way possible – always thinking in functionality and practicality. In this way, we will share with you some tips on how to organize small bathrooms.

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The first tip that I always give in relation to bathrooms is thinking to the workbench top. If in the old days this area was just covered with mirrors, nowadays there are several options. The most common is to make a shallow, mobile with mirror doors, to keep all cosmetic items such as perfume; creams, etc.. With only 15 cm this mobile becomes possible, accommodating almost anything you need. You can still add indirect lighting (such as led strips) both at the superior or inferior – giving a great visual effect. For those who like to have these items on display, it is possible to think about niches instead of cabinets, also with little depth, for the exposure of these elements and decoration also.

For those who already is undergoing a complete makeover that includes work, it pays to take advantage of the “mess” to the creation of niches in masonry. Removing only a portion of the depth of the wall it is possible to have these built-in niches for great shampoos and conditioners. The advantage of this solution is that it is not necessary to add any support item overlapping the wall, releasing the total space of the box for circulation and use – essential in small boxes.

Nowadays, it is common in compact plant apartments, have only one bathroom in the residence, and as a way to provide owners suite, many companies choose to put two doors in the bathroom, one for access from the social area and the other for direct access from the room. I don’t particularly see much function in this solution, once as small apartments, leave the room and access to the bathroom by the social area is a matter of a few metres. Thus, another great solution to maximize the storage space in the bathroom is to close that go with a closet, too shallow. By having a more vertical than the áereos above the sink just cited, is a great place to keep scarves and ties, for example. If the doors are coated in mirror adds even more a function to the Cabinet: full body mirror.

Researching internet ideas to share with you, we found this image – simple and yet so inspiring! The old jam jars were transformed here into tool holder, stuck to the wall in a wooden support with individual metallic brackets. An easy, fast and cheap solution. Our tip is that if you choose glass of the same pattern.

Finally, there are those who think that the bathroom is a space just functional. We, on the contrary, we believe that every space is subject to decoration and art, too. We love the solution proposed by the architects of Architecting ideas, where not only was proposed a whole stylish lamp next to the mirror, but also a framework was added supported on the vase. Between you and me, lack of space does not mean lack of creativity is not it? Get inspired!

* Ariane Kohlmann’s architect and urbanist from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and interior designer by the Domus Academy in Milan. Currently heads the Office that takes your name: AndryaKohlmann– design. concept (Our site ), with a focus on conceptual architecture and interior design and is editor of the blog Design0concept.