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See How Not Roughing It With Shoe Of Bride On Her Wedding Day

First care is the time of footwear evidence

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The wedding day recently surprises in addition to much anticipation. There are many details that need to be set so that everything runs smoothly and, among them, the comfort of the feet of the bride. So, the concern with the shoe should go beyond beauty and color according to the managing partner of the clinic of the feet, Florianópolis, Cleide Weber, need to be taken into consideration some care when choosing the shoe.

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How To Choose Wedding Shoes

The first care is with proof of footwear. “The ideal is to prove early in the day, because the foot is not swollen still. But if the woman has a problem of circulation, for example, needs to take into account that on the wedding day the feet may swell and then you better prove at the end of the day “, guides the professional who has 15 years of experience in the business.

Remember that it is important to make the proof of the bride’s shoe with easy, trying always on both feet. “You have to walk a bit and test the jump must be stable and offer balance,” says the Manager. In addition, the Professional is categorical in saying that you should never buy a shoe or the boot. “Don’t take the model considering him to give in. Until that happens your foot has suffered damage and it may be too late, “he warns. If you have half a point in the numbering is indicated to buy the larger number and adapt a sock plant which helps to relieve the burning sensation on the sole.

Type Of Shoe Ideal For Weddings

In addition, Weber recommends give preference to leather with inner lining to absorb the sweat. “We need to avoid always internal stitching,” he adds. A hint to know if the size of the shoe is suitable, is to identify what is the biggest toe and from 1.5 to 2 cm count off until the tip of the shoe.

Tips To Prevent Pain With Shoe

After choosing your model, Pro recommends using it at home before the wedding so that he acquires the shape of the foot. “One or two times a week, for a few hours with some thirty days before the wedding is enough,” he says.

For those who already suffer from some type of problem, such as bunions, ingrown toenails and calluses it is interesting to find a professional podiatry that can guide the case more closely and assist with treatment, if appropriate.

The important thing is to guard and take all precautions to ensure that on the wedding day the party won’t have time to finish.