Samsung Galaxy S7 – Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S7, is here. But what is new about the S7? What was changed? Worth switching over to the luxury class of Samsung? Here you can find out all about the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Overview

The Samsung Galaxy S7 in the colors white, black and gold in Germany is available since March 11 this year. First, we can say directly that Samsung has eradicated all criticisms of his predecessor, the Galaxy S6.

The touch has been improved

The Galaxy S7 is finally back waterproof

Thanks to the microSD slot, the S7 back has expandable memory

The battery life has been improved significantly

In contrast to the previous model a lot has great happened in terms of design. However, it is to say that the new flagship is slightly thicker than the S6 and is optimally in hand curved glass back. In addition, the camera was clearly better integrated and protrudes only 0.46 mm from the housing.

The battery has increased from 2,550 mAh on proud 3,000 mAh and therefore offers a significantly longer battery life. In addition, Samsung has maintained the fast-charging, so the fast charging, and Wireless charging and so complete satisfaction on the issue of battery would like to offer the customer. The new always on display feature of Samsung is used for the benefit of the improved battery life. Here the user can display the key information such as time or calendar, without fully activating its display.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 resolves only with 12 instead of 16 mega pixels. Reason for this is the IMX260 image sensor from Sony, which can grow from 1.12 micron pixels on 1,4 Miktometer and significantly improves the image quality in low light conditions (this is the camera in contrast to its predecessor, by a whopping 95% sensitive to light). In addition the S7 now has a f / 1.7 aperture, to let more light onto the sensor. But that is not all: the dual pixel technology, Samsung allows the focus of the subject in real time.

The new Galaxy S7 is finally back waterproof and even certified to IP68 standard – without annoying dampers. Last but not least Samsung has also bought an update the Galaxy S7 in terms of performance. The new noble class from Samsung is now powered by an Exynos 8890. The OCTA-core chip nm production is produced in 14 and reached speeds of up to 2.3 GHz – and thus ensuring the title of the fastest phones on the market!

Samsung Goes VR

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge have the South Koreans also the in-house VR glasses presented free on top gave it to the launch of smartphones (value: $100). Put the gear VR and’re in the middle of the action. Virtual pleasure is real thanks to Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, accurate detection of head movements and low latency. The gear VR works seamlessly with different Galaxy smartphones. Of course, with the S7 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 edge. Directly after inserting your Smartphone can get you started and ready to immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Comfort is also provided: so much emphasis in the gear VR despite large field of view on a light weight (only 318 grams). Across the large touchpad control is both easy and precise. From movies to games, Samsung offers tons of content with which you can deal.

Samsung even says on the subject:

In this movie, there are no bad seats, the large screen is only yours. Choose content from the huge selection, on which you feel like, and make comfortable with a snack. Almost everything is possible if you set up the gear VR. No matter whether you must fight against zombies or are travelling on a flying carpet. Thanks to the ever-growing selection of games the adventures never run out of you.