Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100) In The Test

As camera Tester we trust only the objective facts. But that’s why we don’t live on the moon. And if God and the world are talking about a device, it is of course also to note and it makes impression subconsciously anyway.So, it went with the Samsung Galaxy Camera, actually called EK-GC100.

Smartphone with camera

When the Samsung Galaxy camera at IFA 2012 was presented, even the websites of popular news magazine reported. We thought: AHA, an Android Smartphone with better camera. It was 2012 awarded by CHIP colleagues at Photokina as “innovation of the year”, we already deeply looked us in the eye and asked us: Mega zoom or really Edelknipse with Android Smartphone? Finally it was rated even our editorial-mate Horst Gottfried his personal product of the year …

His arguments are indisputable: the large 4.8 inch Amoled monitor, the modern Android operating system (unlike the Nikon Coolpix 800 c a current jelly bean) and the ‘smart’ communication options via Wi-Fi and mobile phone indicating where the road leads.

When searching after fact and fiction we start first in the Galaxy camera with the hard facts of size and weight. 130 x 70 x 35 mm and 300 grams areunsuitable for the Pocket-too big and too heavy. On the other hand: there is a carrying strap, just an attachment point for the included wrist strap. To the dangle on the wrist, it is again too hard, especially if extends the transport over time.

This means in practice: either the camera in use, so in the hand, or tucked in a pocket or in your backpack. There is not a convenient stand position. This is impractical, because the tug of war and Gemache, until the camera is ready for use again, takes too long.

This Camera Listens To The Word

The camera body is elegantly shaped but not good to keep. What looks like a handle on the right side of the camera is our opinion somewhat “flat” and to rounded. The surface in this area is indeed finely structured, but material result yet slippery. With your thumb you can build anyway, no back pressure on the flat back of the camera and so no good sense of restraint will adjust themselves. Size, shape and weight are not pleasant haptics in total.

The Samsung Galaxy camera has four mechanical controls: A/off, shutter release, zoom rocker and Flash drive. All other functions are set via tap, drag, wipe the display and retrieve. Some functions can, also trigger per language which is more than just a gimmick. Also, Samsung shows the way in the future.

If the camera function is activated from the main menu, a mode dial, behind which appears on the right side of the display the modes Auto, intelligent and expert hide. Car and automatic functions are intelligent.Expert opens the function the known modes P, A, S, M, and manual video camera. Program -, time -, and shutter priority and manual setting their values on a lens figure on the display via touch/tip be set, a good solution. The menu is simple and clearly laid out, sufficiently large and well to recognize the symbols and texts.

Great cinema

The legendary 4.8-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy camera with a resolution of approximately 300,000 RGB pixels is not just good, it’s really great cinema. A 3-inch display is also like a relic from the last century. The illustrations are razor sharp and the colors perfectly. Extreme viewing angles not change this. Solely by sunshine and strong light from different directions is also here with funny. Since you wish a viewfinder.

The focal length of the camera of Samsung Galaxy range from 23 mm to 483 mm (KB), so it is also when travelling for all cases. Macro images are possible from 5 cm. The light intensity starts at 2.8 in wide-angle and drop to 5.9 in the tele. That’s not unusual but, at a long focal length, you have to swallow this Toad. The small Flash is placed and adapted to the housing form. Was he not shut off by pressing a key, it has no access to Flash functions. He is pushed back again after use.

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Overall, the processing of the Samsung Galaxy camera is solid. The lid of the battery compartment is very stable and even suspension. The tripod mount is centered. Only the cover of the USB connector is a Loveless manufactured plastic flap is not designed for frequent use. The batterycan be charged on a USB interface or using the adapter to the 220-volt outlet. Be activated features such as GPS services, the power consumption can be disproportionately high.

A Real Miracle Of Communication

In terms of communication, no wish remains open. The EK GC100 transmitting data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UMTS, LTE and the GSMnetwork.For rapid photo transmission, you can great dropbox account access on a 50 GB sponsored by Samsung or transfer the images without cloud by E-Mail or Wi-Fi. A telephone function telephony via Skype, is still missing, but E-Mail and SMS are wherever possible, where it has Wi-Fi or UMTS.

After many positive and some criticisms, the image qualityremains as the Supreme discipline. And there we must unfortunately say: on conservative average the EK GC100 doesn’t come out, the quality of other 600-Euro models light-years away.

The Center resolution at ISO 100 and ISO400 in wide angle is the edge of the waste with 550 and 575 LP/BRA, but brutally OK (1530 or 1325 LP/BRA). This reads not only in the measurement log unflatteringly, but upsets also comes in handy in the image. Also, the noise is already clearly visible even at this low sensitivities. From ISO 800 the image quality then on shot speed, ISO 1,600 and 3,200 are unusable.


The Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100) is a real camera with Smartphone technology-a Smartphone with snapping. The approach is fascinating, but the image quality may not convince. We prefer waiting for the successor model.

Samsung Galaxy camera EK GZ100