Samsung / Bang &Amp; Olufsen Serenata

Which emerges when Samsung bang common cause with the Nobel manufacturer & Olufsen makes? A noble, but also very expensive with 1200 euro music phone. COMPUTER image has the unusual design on the tooth felt.   something iPod, some iPhone  no question, the Serenata differentiates itself from the crowd: no numeric keypad, and the screen sits at the bottom of the device. The operation works in principle quite simply: central control element is similar to a rotating wheel on the iPod.

Enter s goes to the main menu. You can also start some programs at your fingertips on the screen. For tapping the area that allows iPhone greet.   unfortunately, this concept has weaknesses: to dial a phone number you need to press in the center of the display. A virtual dial appears. The digits can be however not tapping with the finger at itself: rather, the steering wheel must be turned until the desired number on the dial lights up. To confirm, press the input button is required then each time. The choice to start or to accept a call, press the green dot next to it. A pressure in addition to the red dot goes to hang up. Absence also voice dialing and control s gave a to operate poorly.

Ausdauerstark  the Serenata for the ready for long got a good grade. Up to 273 hours it lasted a single charge. Alternatively enough for five hours of music or four hours making telephone calls. The transmission and reception on the phone was acceptable; for the low load with radio radiation (SAR) s gave the note well.

Music player with stand and speaker  is the speaker postponed, can be either on the phone in handsfree mode or music heard. On the rear side of the device a stand can be folded out, so you have free hands. From the supplied stereo earbuds sounded very neat music: balanced across the whole spectrum of sound, powerful and dynamic. The Serenata plays via DRM copy-protected titles, who bought the user for example, when the provider Musicload. Fit up to 1200 songs in good sound quality on the large internal memory (4 GB).

Weaknesses in detail  UMTS, sending and receiving of Word or Excel files the Internet and email capabilities of the Serenata is complete at first glance. Takes forever but only conditionally suitable: for typing emails and the Internet access program is obsolete. Some Internet sites are therefore not fully displayed. Also weak: A photo – and video camera is missing.

Summary  convincingly play his musical talent the Serenata. The unusual screen operation concept makes the handling but complicated instead of just. For significantly less money, s are top equipped mobile phones and MP3 players. Only the extravagance then falls flat.

Test conclusion: what you should know

Order This product at Amazon no cons Pro no mark of editorial non-existent user rating now evaluate alternative  a similar flair, but with better operating concept, offering the Apple iPhone. Music and Media Player, easy Internet access, and a large screen read the detailed iPhone test report.