Safety Home Products Top 10 Buying Guide has the honor to disclose the TOP10 of July 2014, as the summer hit record high temperature all over the world!

Let’s go through the prize list in July quickly:

There are 7 manufacturers making it into the TOP10 ranking in July.Although this is not the first go to most companies, every product on the list is definitely new face in the city!

Bosch , Dahua , and Hikvision are taking two seats respectively, while others go to ioteo , Nextchip , Samsung , and VIVOTEK .Among these award-winning suppliers, most suppliers come from Asia – Dahua and Hikvision from China;VIVOTEK of Taiwan;Nextchip and Samsung of Korea.On the other hand, some leading European providers, Bosch Security Systems and ioteo, are seen in this list, having three seats in total.

Taken as a whole, the TOP10 for July showed a wide and diverse interest of visitors;however, it is obvious that smart home apps have made half the list, suggesting that the Internet of Things and the smart home market show a promising aspect.Camera wise, dome cameras, mini-cam, and devices come with PTZ function are most favored.Interestingly, this is the first time a Wi-Fi camera included in the TOP10.In addition to cameras and DVR, touch screen keyboard, AHD, and smart home solution can also be seen in the ranking in July.

  1. Dahua Smart Home Solution

Drumming, please, ladies and gentlemen!The crown of the TOP10 for July has finally been given to a different player!Dahua Smart Home Solution took a total of 462 clicks in a month, climbing to the top of the rankings in July.Asian visitors contributed almost half of the credit with 201 clicks;America’s readers occupy about a third of the crowds.

Dahua Smart Home Solution adopts TCP / IP protocol, video intercom integration, internal security, remote control and full alarm systems.This product allows users to remotely control systems through smart devices and watch real-time monitoring.

* Although the smart home market becomes flourishing, Dahua Smart Home solution, the newcomer in the smart home business, is definitely a big challenge for the players in the industry. For the review of the smart house seminar held by an SMAhome Magazine in August, please check here .

  1. Wi-Fi ioteoCam camera

With 434 total clicks running back as second place, ioteoCam Wi-Fi camera ranked second in July, showing similar popularities from America, Asia and Europe areas – Asia received 138-click;America 134;Europe 131.

ioteoCam features cloud management, cloud storage, notification inccidents, and easy-to-install 5-miniute, allowing users to view streaming live video and play-back recording from smart devices directly from anywhere anytime.This intuitive device is perfectly done for home users and small vertical businesses.

  1. VIVOTEK FD8168 Ultra-mini fixed dome network camera

The thrid place of the TOP10 for July goes to VIVOTEK FD8168 Ultra-mini fixed dome network camera, taking an amount of 403 clicks from around the world – 35% coming from the North American area;28% and 29% of Asian and European countries, respectively.

This VIVOTEK 2-megapixel ultra-mini fixed dome provides real-time recording at a resolution of 1280 × 720 and 15 frames per second at 1920 × 1080.It may be super mini, but nothing gets less inside.With easy installation, and in addition, this camera is also incorporated with MicroSD / SDHC / SDXC card slot for on-board storage.

  1. PTZ Samsung Techwin SNP-6320H 2MP Full HD Network

The 2-megapixel full HD PTZ network by Samsung, SNP-6320H, is sitting in the fourth position with 319 clicks in July.Samsung’s latest full-HD PTZ of this Samsung draws wide interest from North American visitors, occupying almost half of the overall clickthrough rate.Falling just behind is Asia (31%), as readers of European countries only occupy 17%.

This IP66 rated PTZ network is equipped with 32x optical and 16x digital zoom lens and incorporated with H.264 dual codec, the functions not only Day & Night mode, wide dynamic range, but also automatic tracking, intelligent video analysis, bi -Directional fearuting audio support.

To get to & s’ latest collection of high speed dome cameras, please click here .

  1. Dahua 7224 / 7232L 24 / 32CH 960H Standalone DVR

Hang a little behind, Dahua 960H Standalone DVR, Dahua’s second triumph in July, takes the fifth place with 315-click, earning the most click-through rate, 147 clicks, from American readers;while 33% come from Asia and 21% from Europe.

This Dahua 960H standalone DVR features 1080p real-time preview, supporting all real-time channel recording and simultaneous real-time playback and multiple network monitoring.This model DVR 960H has intelligent 3D positioning with Dahua PTZ dome cameras.

  1. Hikvision DS-2CD2Q10FD-IW 1MP Mini PT IR Camera

The sixth place goes to Hikvision Mini PT IR Camera, DS-2CD2Q10FD, getting a click-through popularity of 310 from around the world – American areas occupy 44% for 134 clicks;38% come from Asia;15% is dedicated by the European.

This lovely cam of Hikvision HD720p real-time video recording features, PIR detection (pass line detection, etc.), IR LEDs, at a distance of up to 10 meters in height and motorized pan / tilt rotation.

  1. Bosch AUTODOME 7000HD Dome Camera

The seventh honor of the TOP10 of July 2014 goes to Bosh AUTODOME 7000HD Dome Camera.Click-through rate region of America represents up to 50% of the total of 307 mouse;Whereas Asia and Europe share another 43% with 130 clicks.

This high resolution full HD PTZ camera from Bosch delivers real-time video surveillance at 1080p, which comes bundled with 20x dome just in case the users need more detail in the picture.In addition, this PTZ camera is equipped with intelligent control with Intelligent On-Board Video Analytics (IVA).

  1. Nextchip AHD (Analog High Definition)

Nextchip’s high-definition analog has attracted great attention from Asian visitors with 161 clicks, marking more than 50% of the total click-through rate;Meanwhile, guests from American and European countries have over 140 other clicks in total.

High Definition Analog (AHD) is an alternative standard of HD data streaming solution that is trending now.AHD1.0 Tx / Rx transmits data from 720p to 25fps or 30fps with minimized data loss, supporting COMET and CVBS simultaneously.

* AHD, along with HDCVU and HDTVI, are seen as the potential popular solutions for the analog market. Only in early August this year, Dahua takes a significant step in partnership with HDcctv Alliance to promote its patented HDCVI technology, which should increase its interoperability between device brands. For Dahua’s strategic decision history, see here .

  1. Hikvision DS-2DF1-57A 1.3MP Network Speed ​​Dome

The ninth of the TOP10 ranking of July is made by the Hikvision DS-2DF1-57A 1.3MP Network Speed ​​Dome, Hikvision’s second award-winning product in July, with a total of 281-clicks.As most of the 45% of the click-through rate comes from regions of America, visitors from Europe and Asia occupy even more, as a whole, with 48%.

This 1.3MP Speed ​​Dome is embedded with H.264 video Techonology printing, which comes with wide dynamic range function and allowing end users to record 25fps images at 720p.Meanwhile, users have options of 18x optical zoom or 12x digital zoom.

  1. Bosch B942 Touch Screen Keyboard

Just a few clicks behind the previous award-winning, Keyboard Screen Bosch B942 Touch, as Bosch’s second product included in the July ranking, received 279 clicks last month. Most definate of visitors come from regions of America; Asian and European regions occupy about 40%, while Africa and Oceania is less than 10% in total.

This keyboard by Bosch gives prominence to its design screen and graphic color beautiful and modern touch, and with the presence detector built in, the light gose automatically when the user approaches the keyboard. Instead of just the pass code, this system allows the use of a reset signal; or for use with dual authentication for added security.

* Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.