Ryan Gosling Was in His Pajamas

Breaking the record this year with 14 Oscar nominations, La La Land is truly proving its success around the world! The film, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, has received several other awards, such as the Golden Globe and SAG Awards, to name a few.

And during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Ryan told E! Online as it was when he heard about the Oscar nominations. On the day he was promoting the film in China with director Damien Chazelle:

“It was late, and I noticed a loud crash from Damien at my door. He was already halfway through a bottle of champagne and somehow, out of the blue, he had ten cell phones and was using FaceTime with people, he said.

Emma, who was in Los Angeles, received a call from Damien’s girlfriend, who was also in China. She says:

– She said: We’re going to knock on Ryan’s door and then she knocked on the door and gave the phone to Ryan. Damien was in a state I did not even know his girlfriend had called me. And then Marc Platt, our producer, was on the phone with Damien. It was a celebration in 2017, he joked.

However, despite the madness, the celebration did not go out of control, as Damien himself said:

“We were all basically in pajamas.

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