Running in Amsterdam Netherlands

Running or jogging is one of the most popular sports. It is healthy and easy to start with, you step out the door and you are directly involved in the sport. It seems as if half of Amsterdam is hard these days! But where the heck is the best run? And what you can do laps in the park? So here are the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities of running in Vondelpark Wester and Sloterplas.


The most famous park in Amsterdam and by far the busiest.But still able to safely run here. The Vondelpark is located in Amsterdam South, stretching from the edge of the city up to the Amstelveenseweg.
The park itself has multiple inputs. The most famous entrance is on the side of the Centre on the Stadhouderskade. This Park is narrow and very busy. On the South side, you can park on the P.C. Hooftstraat and Van Eeghen Street. On the northern side there are entrances on the Vondelstraat, Kattenlaan and small entrances to most cross streets towards the Overtoom. On the Western side there are two main entrances, both coming from the Amstelveenseweg.
Chubby park
The Vondelpark is a round. If you go this round you use most of the Park. You run across large, paved roads along the edges. The route is 3.25 kilometers long, the road there is a signpost on the asphalt, how far you are. When you go on the larger track is usually quite busy. Especially the road on the South side around the striker very busy with cyclists, hikers and runners.
Other roads
Of course, you can choose to go another route. The Park has many trails that cross each time is to invent a new route. The park can be combined with for example a small round in which one part is cut off. Only the Park’s Party on the Centre page is less suitable. This is just one way in which it is much livelier than in the rest of the Park.


Wade is, as the name suggests, in Amsterdam-West. It is located parallel to the railway line between Amsterdam central station and Sloterdijk. The front section of the Park is designed as an English park.The part on the former gas works is strictly organized. It also lists a number of the old buildings of the gasworks. This includes offices, shops, a cinema and some cafes and restaurants.
The main entrance to the Park is located on the Houtmankade just behind the Haarlemmerplein. On the northern side there are two entrances from Spaarndammerbuurt through tunnels under the railway. On the South side, there are several bridges in the Wester. The bike path through the Park runs all the way to the end of the Park, close to the A10.
The front part of the Park has many winding paths. These are essentially shell paths and wet weather is here quite often urinate. This section of the Park is pretty small. The other part of the Park has paved and paved roads. You go sometimes between the buildings of the former gasworks. Many people go paved bike path that is completely through the Park. To avoid having to go back the same way you can back out of the Park, near the old village of Sloterdijk, turn right. You can order award will go on a scale between the track and allotments. In the front part of the park that you can adjust to the desired distance when walking, there are great possibilities to customize your route. When the height of the garden complex, there are no possibilities cut short. So you have to turn around or to walk around the complex.


Sloterplas is a large lake in Nieuw-West. Especially on the West side of the Lake, the beach, a park, the rest of the beach is usually a large green area that contains a path.
There is only one way. However, this is a direct challenge! The route is called, how could it be otherwise, round Sloterplas. The selected route is 5.6 km long and takes you all the way around the Sloterplas. No option to disable it. The round can be extended. It is mainly found on the West side, the Sloterpark, many opportunities to go other routes. Circle Sloterplas is a beautiful road where it is much quieter than in the other parks.