Rumor: Facebook Wants to Help You in Health Care

The Facebook began offering resources for posting photos. Then came video, instant messaging, geolocation, checkins in stores, among others. Now, the company works so you can use the social network as a means of supporting their health.

The information comes from Reuters. Sources close to Facebook would have revealed to the vehicle that the company is making plans to create communities or support tools for people with various diseases and is considering developing functions to assist users in preventive care.

These ideas, according to the sources, are not recent. Facebook would be including holding meetings with experts and businessmen in the medical industry for months to define the way forward.

Interest in the area comes from the expectation of engagement. Online support services for people with chronic diseases such as PatientsLikeMe, has been growing year by year. Nor is it necessary to go so far as to note the phenomenon: Facebook itself is filled with type groups.

In Brazil it is no different. Even the orkut late gathered quite busy communities on various topics related to health: baldness, pregnancy, diabetes, heart conditions, weight loss, depression, sexually transmitted diseases, cancers and so on.

These groups are important because users can exchange information on clinics, doctors, treatments, and especially giving and receiving psychological support.

Facebook sees potential in creating means to facilitate communication between these users. An example: fearing prejudice by your contacts or employers, an HIV carrier may not feel free to join groups about AIDS, but a mechanism that would allow the use of pseudonyms could spare him of its concerns about the exposure of their condition.

But this is an area that should be explored with care. The Google, for example, have tried to venture into the segment, but was unsuccessful. Uncertainties about who will have access to such sensitive information is the main cause of rejection of such initiatives.

The sources consulted by Reuters have suggested that Facebook knows it, so that the company was considering to launch a service to health apart from the social network.

It will be? For now, according to the sources, the company continues studying the subject.