Roxy Women’s Backpacks, Models, Prices

Are you looking for a new and totally trendy backpack to start the year with a new face? Then get to know the Roxy women’s backpacks, and stop looking.

Another year is beginning and with it the new promises of a better beginning, with new conquests and goals, in addition, are left behind everything that no longer pleases us and that somehow caused the year to be harmed. Now it’s time to make it all change and start over.

And the year begins, and vacations are over, many people return to work and students to classes, and for these it is time to buy a new school supplies and a new backpack, retiring that all the shredded that has endured all year. And for that, know the backpacks that have become fashionable among the kids and for sure will be part of your school supplies.

There are several models of Roxy backpacks and they are sure to please you, Roxy backpacks are costing around R $ 160.00, and are full of colors and designs, and are produced with a high quality material and resistance.

The backpacks of this line have gained fame, due to their different models, they are colorful and with several figures, and still carry the name Roxy throughout the backpack, for example, a model all black, with the written Roxy colored throughout the backpack and several Times, this costs about R $ 89,00.

Another option is the Roxy Women’s Summer Backpack 2011, it comes with many colors and is full of illustrative figures, is becoming a mania and promises to please this new year, its price is around R $ 144,00

In addition to the 2011 Summer line, we have the Roxy female backpack with a black background and an all-pink checked model. It makes a nice company for your school supplies, this is one of the most bought backpacks in the line, R $ 149.00.

Colormix also has a mix of colors and shapes of balls that cover the whole backpack, and is for the price not to be missed of R $ 89.00. Do not waste time choosing your Roxy backpack and make the most of your back-to-school success.