Rowing Clubs for Juniors

Many students choose to, instead of going to a social club, a sports club. A popular alternative rows, one of the toughest endurance sports. The reasons for this is a combination of strength and endurance that you use and therefore training, team spirit and competition. Some doubt that contest the rowing, rowing the most arduous and satisfactory form. But there’s still time to keep you and what about drinking alcohol? And what the student rowing clubs found in the Netherlands? These and other questions are answered in this article.

What are rowing and students in sport?

Rowing automatically means attached to the rowing club.You can also have a membership to another Club, but at a higher level, it is difficult to do. When the Association itself there is usually plenty of get-togethers organized. When rowing clubs, it is important that you participate actively and at least twice a week to train. There is usually some form of cloudiness in the form of an opening weekend, but it’s more fun, strength, stamina and endurance concentrated than humiliation.
Rowing form most practiced on student rowing clubs, eight with coxswain. There are eight rowers with a single rower and a helmsman. The first rower, the so-called. Started in the boat is the most important thing, he set the pace and thus often the strongest and most charismatic rower.
The first year will learn quite a bit technology and mainly to practice on strength and conditioning, particularly with the infamous and fameuse ergometer, a rowing machine that you can work out the necessary muscles and thus can stimulate the rowing movement.

What does race rowing in?

With rowing race row make a quantum leap in terms of leisure. You must be from five to seven times per week available to work out. Often, you do not need the water, but the training consists of tongue strength and conditioning exercises. The sport is more in this way is a way of life. The first year is divided into two seasons: the long course season and two kilometres of the season. If you go rowing race you have to follow a certain diet, if you eat too often on rowing verening itself. In addition, you should not drink alcohol during the racing season from January to July, unless it is a special occasion as a race victory.
Reasons to go actually rowing race is: Competitive Drang,

  • Quickly at a high level
  • Many competitions
  • A larger unit had the contest
  • Many support
  • Help to be as strong as possible as quickly as possible
  • You get there by disciplined
    Reasons for not rowing race:
  • Liabilities,
  • Difficult to combine with a difficult student, a student and/or other hobbies
  • Taking unilateralism in life
  • No alcohol during competition season
  • It is sometimes very heavy, you get yourself often