Review Mascara Hypnosis Doll Eyes by Lancome

On July 21, 2011, I have you in a article the new mascara by Lancome hypnosis doll eyes presented. I was lucky enough to get a sample. In the article see also photos.

After I have repeatedly used the mascara, I can say with certainty that it is not right for me.

I notice a positive

  • The cone-shaped brush is due simply to the eyelashes, regardless, whether to the brush parallel or at a 90 ° angle leads to the lashes. I think you’re parallel. Here at you can get more different models and styles.
  • In the sample, the brush is very good to strip off.
  • The ink can be removed well again without leaving any residue. P if the shading with spit and evening with simple make-up Remover.
  • The lashes have a nice swing without the eyelash curler. Now my raw material is there but not average – I’m rather fortunately blessed with slightly curved, long eyelashes. But there are Mascaras, which emphasize that much less than the doll eyes. At this point, I can confirm the dolls lashes effect.
  • The lashes will apply (after 3) puppig long.

I notice a negative

  • The mascara intense smells of rose. I love rose – find that however superfluous to mascara. Also I do otherwise at the smell, determine a mascara is superimposed. I don’t know whether the fragrance then covers that or not. I would be afraid to use unwittingly to old mascara and get an infection there. I don’t have skin reactions to the perfume, although I’m as extremely sensitive.
  • I must apply at least 3 x the eyelashes – otherwise loose 2 paintings range.
  • There is unfortunately no significant trace of volume.
  • The mascara leaves still on anyone wearing PANDA eyes on the lower Lashline and waited upon – grey traces such as with an applicator! If I use lots of powder on the skin and virtually no sweat, the tracks come until afternoon. In warm weather, I look not even until noon clean melted.


The mascara is suitable for me, if I the eyes including lower eyelid wreath very dark makeup, because under the Panda effect of the ink then goes. Otherwise, the product for me is unfortunately useless.

What experiences have you made for doll eyes with hypnosis?

Which is your favorite mascara?

My favorite mascara is and remains the virtuoso of Lancôme, even if she goes so bad off. All day long Panda effect free to look like the it’s me worth!