Review Iobella Facial Cloth – 1st Impression

This mini sample cloth in 10 x 10 cm by IOBELLA was in the GLOSSYBOX June 2012. The Microfleecetuch is moistened with water. No more cleaning products, you can then clean your face, neck and décolleté, simply with circular movements. For the eyes, there are still special make-up that are lightly padded, and thus even more enjoyable in the application should be.

The original product with 25 x 25 cm is probably easier than this mini cloth in the application. Nevertheless, even this mini cloth works already quite well. It removes even glitter eye shadow. The fabric feels however very dull on the skin. It’s getting and the skin feels very dry afterwards. Gentle cleansing is different…


After use, the cloth should be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water and SOAP or washed in the washing machine. The cloth may 60 ° c without fabric softener in the washer and tumble. Because it is me on the one hand to elaborate that cloth with SOAP and plenty of water to rinse out and on the other hand to environment, only the cleaning in the washing machine in question comes to me.

If I clean the cloth in the washing machine, this means I need 8 sheets 1 x washing per week, to have a fresh, if use it 1 x per day. At a price of EUR 11.90 per cloth in original size the a very high investment, for which is pretty much cleaning gel I, to milk, lotion, or what ever can buy without having a mountain of laundry and after use, and after washing dry the towels and store. Who wants to use the cloth in the morning and in the evening, needs 16 cloths. This is a real mountain for washing etc.


Good idea, that works – but in relation to the material care and the trappings without blemish. =_> See also contribution to the 2nd impression of a bought cloth from 13 December 20012
The product in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by sacramentomart or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.