Retro Happens in Fashion, Five Classic Games for Android

Contrary to the modern games, the retro have always had prominence. Titles with a few years but that they have aged very well and also the jump to Android has not them lose quality. This is the case of the five games then you mentioned. Titles for the most nostalgic retro and those who did not know them.

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug saga has built its reputation based on vibrating action titles in two dimensions. It is difficult to stay with a single but which has come to Android is really good: Metal Slug 3. Emotion, very careful graphics and a few hours of fun insured.

Google play | Metal Slug 3

The King of Fighters

Another classic SNK along with Metal Slug. Fight 2D which has always tried to compete with Street Fighter offering a different fighting style. Graphics are surprised by its quality and controls are correct, although they could have done a little more intuitive adaptation.

Google play | The King of Fighters

Another World

In his day, Another World surprised everyone with its graphics, in an attempt to make 3D with simple aesthetics. An adventure where our ability to prevail and we have to surprise in a world full of dangers and inhospitable. A sensational story that has aged very well.

Google play | Another World


In his day, Dot Emu surprised us with a brilliant adaptation of R-Type Android. One of the shooters of ships best known in the world of video games and also the most fun. Their graphics have survived the passage of time very well and the adaptation of the controls is pretty good. Fun and highly recommended.