Residential Security System

Like Riding Or Ideal Residential Safety For Voce E Sua Family System?

Já virou padrão, each year and us more different corners of Brazil, to transmission of numbers pouco animators gives about urban violence.To be ter ideia, all year you Brazilian States ultrapassam or limit of tolerance established pela who, of 10 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants.

In an attempt to improve those crime rates, the rulers come increasingly investing in this segment. In 2012, for example, each State spent, on average, 8.6% of the total of your budget on public safety. However, according to data from Macroplan consulting, despite the real increase of 47.6% in per capita spending on security in the country, only 3 States recorded decline in murders per capita indicator.

In other words, even if there is an effort on the part of the authorities in combating crime, the police apparatus is still considered archaic when we await an effective result in the short term.

To fill the gaps of this length, the Digital Sekron offers its clients a modern residential security system – alarm system and cameras for homes in order to inhibit the action of bandits and, consequently, bring comfort and safety for your family. The company works all the time so that their products are always a step before the robbers, creating layers of protection so that possible violations are detected before the action of the miscreants and, consequently, actions are taken to prevent the tampering or assault.

The great challenge is to take action faster than the Bandit action, so that it is possible to arrest them before the escape and create a residential security system robust enough to cause the assailant to feel threatened and don’t try to break into your House . It is important to note that any alarm system is unbreakable, and for more sophisticated and complete that is the residential security system, there will always be ways to swindle.

Following this philosophy to create layers of protection, the Digital Sekron recommends some products for your residential security system has a high level of safety without interfering in your daily life:

Central alarm: heart of residential security system. Controls all devices and communicates the events to the Monitoring Center. Important that the central alarm has at least two routes of communication, since Act on contingency in the event of system failure or fraud. The Digital Sekron offers up to 3 lines of communication for your alarm system

IVP Sensor: presence sensor that detects motion and heat

Magnetic Sensor: detects opening of doors and Windows

VAT Sensor or electric fence: covering the perimeter of your residence

Panic button: button used in emergency situations, like a robbery

Siren: draws the attention of the neighborhood and signals to the burglar he was detected by the security system

DVR (Digital Video Recorder): Writes the image of cameras installed at the site. Important that it is connected to the internet so that the images can be accessed remotely by Digital Sekron Mobile application

Infrared Cameras: night vision cameras installed at strategic locations, so they can show the usual situations and environments in your home

Obviously, for the residential security system is effectively important to your residence is essential to be hired a package of alarm monitoring services for the system to be monitored. In this sense, the Digital Sekron recommends at least the basic Alarm monitoring plan, which includes:

Alarm monitoring 24 hours

Access to Sekron Digital Mobile application

Automatic sending of e-mail activation/deactivation/alarm system

Automatic sending of monthly report of opening/closing of your home

Local Division monitored in environments

In addition, some additional services alarm Monitoring plan are key to quick action and effective Monitoring Center at the time of the alarm clock. In this regard, we highlight the camera Monitoring – in case of alarm clock monitored by Digital Sekron our Cameras monitoring center have access to CCTV monitored site to check in real time, with speed and reliability, the reason of shooting.

To learn more about the services offered by Digital and Sekron ideas for your residential security system, please contact us and request a free security analysis.

Francisco Figueiredo, a journalist and Editor for the Digital Sekron

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