Rear Bike Light Review

Rear light Bike/ATV lupine Rotlicht – 4 modes – intensity of 10 lumens at 160 lumens – stop light – light sensor – easy Assembly on 22 to 55 mm in diameter.


Certainly the fire back to bike the most powerful and the most intelligent of the market. Baptized by Lupine Rotlicht (red light in French), because we need to be seen and only worry about the front light, especially if you do a lot of road. The taillight Rotlicht provides 160 lumens of light for minimal weight 50 g, minimal space while being equipped with a built-in battery.

4 light modes are available:
1 Light Steady
2 light flash
3 Wave pulse light
4 pulse light

The smart features, in addition to its incredible intensity this rear light is equipped with a brake light function and a intensity sensor.
Stop light: when you frankly brake light intensity will increase through its acceleration sensor.
Sensor of intensity: the intensity of the lamp adapts to ambient lighting, if a car approaching from the rear, the lamp will increase its light intensity alone.

With these innovative functions you will increase your comfort and safety with ease.
The Rotlicht mounts easily on the saddle of 22 to 25mm tubes.

User manual from ebicyclelights:
First, load the lamp.
Basic function:
Double click = ignition of the lamp.
Each additional click = 1 mode change
Tap and hold the button to turn off the lamp.
If the rubber strap is too long, unscrew the fixing, take the strap out and cut it to the size you want.
To recharge the lamp, connect the USB cable to a computer. A flashing red indicates charging, when the light turns green the load is complete.
4 modes available:
1 fixed
2 flashing
3 variation of intensity, the lamp remains on but sound intensity varies somewhat like a sine wave.
4 Constant + pulse

Adjust the light output of the different modes:
Keep press the button until the Green led lights up.
Release the button and wait
The lamp will now move between the 5 levels of intensity available
Press the button to select the desired level of intensity.

Change the additional functions:
Hold down the button until the small red LED next to the switch lights up.
Let Flash the led until the setting would then release the button to validate the mode.

Factory function:
1 blink: off light sensor
2 flashes: light sensor on – low sensitivity
3 flashes: off light sensor – high sensitivity
4 flashes: off brake light
5 flashes: brake light on – low sensitivity
6 flashes: brake light on – average sensitivity
7 flashes: brake light on – high sensitivity
8 flashes: double-click on or off
9 flashes: Reset factory setting
To switch to the mode: off brake light, press and hold the button until the Red led have flashed 4 times, release the button, the brake light function is now disabled.
Capacity of battery being used:
After turning off the lamp, the Red led will Flash 1 time for each consumed 100mAh.
Example if the lamp flashes 4 times you used 400mAh roughly half the capacity of the battery.


  • Light intensity of 10 to 160 Lumens
  • weight 50g including battery
  • resistant to splashing water IP68
  • Operating temperature:-25 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • warranty 2 years