RAM Booster and Cleaner

RAM Booster & Cleaner is a free application for Android that promises to clean the memory of the smartphone in order to make it faster.To work on this optimization, it can also finish tasks and other apps that are running in the foreground or background.

RAM Booster and Cleaner

Our opinion

The RAM Booster & Cleaner application is one of the simplest in the category, but that does not mean it is less efficient.For more lazy users, it is one of the most indicated, for having an uncomplicated interface and simple commands.If you do not want to worry about what’s open from your device, just tap the “Boost” button that the app does the entire service.

In fact, the gain in memory space is considerable when we use this program, but the increase in speed is not so noticeable in top-of-the-box devices that have enough RAM for all the most common tasks.

Anyone who wants to have a little more control in their hands, the “Tasks” tab shows all the applications that are running first and foremost in the background.In this step, you can finalize each one individually, however, you must be very careful not to end a task that is vital to the operation of the system, because in this case, the device may even crash and this will not be the fault of RAM Booster & Cleaner.


  • Very easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Clean RAM efficiently


  • Only in English
  • Have ad banner