Rachel Zoe Jewelry Collection

The rise of Rachel Zoe seems to be unstoppable, this young mother was forty-one of the stylist most powerful of America, some time ago, has decided to launch a line of all his clothing, which was presented on the runways of New York Fashion Week . Rachel Zoe after having won with his clothing has now decided to make his debut in the field of accessories with its first line of jewelery.

Who is Rachel Zoe?

Rachel Zoe is considered one of the best stylist in Hollywood, her career began with a long and poorly paid ranks. Success came about 15 years ago when, in his studio in New York, takes care of the look of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys all want to be dressed by her, the stars they want at all costs, slowly comes success, and designers courting. Now Rachel Zoe boasts among its star clients of the caliber of Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler and many others. Rachel Zoe created a line of jewelry in yellow gold inspired by the 20s, 60s and even 80s, a style a bit ‘showy but that will make well both with evening look that day. The prices range from 195.00 to $ 650.00 for come back consumer.

Rachel Zoe Jewelry Spring / Summer 2013: rings

Rachel Zoe presents us with a series of rings very beautiful but also quite classical, strictly in yellow gold.

There are rings decorated with big stones rectangular and available in black, red and green. Belli also to end models and the Baroque with Swarovski crystals and the plots obtained with paints of various colors.

Rachel Zoe Jewelry Spring / Summer 2013: earrings

Rachel Zoe is very well expressed with earrings , triumph ones pendants decorated with colored stones, crystals and even with the fringes made ​​of metal mesh. If you like casual earrings there are those ring, but with inlaid borders, and those in tack but, in our opinion, are far too classical.

Rachel Zoe Jewelry Spring / Summer 2013: necklaces

The necklaces of Rachel Zoe is clearly inspired by the twenties, even in this case we have a lot in metal fringed perfect for the most elegant look.If you want something more modern there are also rigid collier that are available with the crystals with glazed inserts.

Rachel Zoe Jewelry Spring / Summer 2013: bracelets

The bracelets are definitely the most interesting bangles, are really beautiful, very versatile, and suitable for any time of the day, you can combine with an elegant suit, but also to shinny jeans and high heels.