Printed Dresses Models Short and Long Fashion

Like print dresses? The dress is currently a typically feminine piece. It is able to give more femininity to the woman just for being a dress. No wonder that every woman has in her wardrobe at least one dress, even if the basic black cocktail dress, but it gives a lot of femininity and glamor to women. But not only sober colors and smooth fabrics are made ​​dresses and women can also bet on patterns and colors for your beautiful dresses.

The Eemergence of Dress

As previously had no seams, the clothes were cut into long tissues where these had the opening for the head and arms. There was also the moorings, varying the ways in which the coats (as it was called the dress of the time) were arrested. To finish the dress tie also had laces and ribbons at the waist.

Even then (ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome) had the question of the length of tunics, they can be long, knee-length or short, coming to shows the genitalia. They were generally smooth, but had a bit of print on their edges, as an embroidery, a gold thread or something.

Print Art

The print came about the same time the dresses.

It was not like today, because at that time, the pattern was obtained through the wires cross. Thus simple patterns like stripes and plaid were obtained.

Seeing how print gave an overall difference in the look, artisans took paint and painted by hand in the tissues, which made the print was unique. How to paint the fabric by hand gave work and asked time and dedication (in addition to know how to paint by hand), then they came to the screens that make up today, part of the printing process.

Types of Prints for Dresses

There are many types of prints. There is localized pattern (one that does not have a repetition), there is the rapport (repeat pattern), there is the animal print (animal print), prints of flowers and foliage, among many other prints.

The good of the print is that it gives a lively look at making a serious look at gay and giving one up in production. The pattern also serves to draw the attention of look. For example, if you have little butt, you can use prints on shorts, pants and skirts, as the pattern gives the impression that your butt is bigger.

Prints Tips for Dresses

Many people have questions when using a picture, thinking that it does not suit a particular situation or that will seem clowns, especially when prints are used in unique parts (also called dresses). Usually women wear the pattern to break the sobriety of the look, but and when the pattern is in complete look?

Printed Dresses: Light Prints

If you are not confident to use a very striking pattern, choose to use a more delicate pattern, as the prints with floral motifs.

These designs have a romantic air, giving a very light air production. Another pattern that will not leave you uncomfortable is the pattern found, which can be also with floral motif.

Printed Dresses: Prints Flashier

You are overconfident in itself and is not afraid of the judgment of others? He loved that dress with a very colorful and no regular pattern? You can use. The main tip to wear a dress with a striking pattern, like a kaleidoscope, among others, is you use accessories in basic colors like brown, cream and even nude. White and black colors also come in this list. And the accessories include everything: handbag, shoes / sandals, earrings, bracelets, watch. The dress has already drawn attention for themselves. If you want to give a softened the look, use a jacket or a cardigan (depending on the also basic color.

Long Print Dress

The long dress is already flashy on their own, using a picture it is like a death certificate for some women, but you simply choose the correct pattern. Try to use in long dress asymmetrical prints, which are not standardized. This pattern will give an air of freedom to dress, leaving even more beautiful woman.

As the dress’s color information already enough (because of the pattern), the recommended is that you make a harmony of colors with accessories, as already mentioned and also belts, necklaces, rings, among others.

Not every woman is adept at pattern. If you are one of them, start with a small, basic print, such as Poa, for example. Then go progressing to delicate prints and gradually you will discover the prints that combine more with you. Look for patterns in colors that match your skin tone. Besides, you just rely on your style and taste. If you are using what you like and what you want, there is none to remove their trust in you.

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