Pretty Ballerinas Shoes Review

The slippers are slippers bon ton chamber, a unisex model that is now mainly used by the wealthy middle-aged men, but several years ago was present in all homes. The slippers are back in vogue thanks to Miuccia Prada which puts them in the fashion proposed version for the’ autumn winter 2012-13. We are a bit ‘skeptical, we can not hide it, what do you think? I like these slippers by day?

The slippers: the power strip trendiest of the season

The slippers were launched from Miu Miu, but of course have already been proposed by other and before they get the first autumn breezes, will come for sure even the most democratic options of low cost brands such as H & M, Zara and Asos. The slippers are room slippers that were promoted in the shoe for walking around the street, we can consider them cousins ​​of moccasins. Fashion often surprising, sometimes it displaces.

Le slippers di Miu Miu

The slippers Miu Miu are ultra-sophisticated and decidedly feminine, colorful patterns and bon ton declined in various colors and materials. The slipper are offered in a very chic version, seem almost an exercise in style, the new challenge of Miuccia Prada to tease women and let him wear something unthinkable! The Miu Miu slippers are available in velvet, satin or paint and have a royal touch,the style queen is never lacking in the world Miu Miu. These shoes are decorated with tassels and vintage embroidery on the front. The slippers are declined in various colors: bleu, burgundy, teal, hibiscus, naked and black and feature the heel decorated with a strip of Swarovski crystals white.

The price of these shoes is 450,00 € at

Le slippers di Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas also presents us with some pretty slippers, slippers vintage, less than chic Miu Miu but probably more cheap! Pretty Ballerinas presents several very nice models available in black, with retro prints and even animal.

How to wear slippers

As you wear slippers? Surely not much irony and a lot of nerve! The slippers can be combined with many outfits, go well with simple jeans, with leggings and even with long skirts or short, with denim skirts and wheel and with shorts. We say they are versatile as ballerinas and moccasins, but a little more crazy! We suggest that you opt for the colored models, as fuchsia, turquoise, beige, go well in the paint and suede, even velvet if you like, but you dare. If slippers must be, then, we exaggerate shamelessly!