Pregnant Fashion: Unique Tips and Molds

The baby’s waiting is a moment that should be enjoyed to the utmost, from the expectation of knowing it to the presets. And the future mother, in this period, is prettier and radiant, so she needs clothes to keep her elegant and comfortable at the same time.

For this we have a few tips to use and also unique templates that you only find here at Burda Style, in our virtual store.

What to Wear:

  1. Look for basic items in your wardrobe, such as blazer, coats, cardigans, dress more folgadinhos, long skirts, gowns, knitted shirts and leggings. You don’t need to change your entire closet for gestation. Only in the last few months, you’ll need bigger clothes to accommodate your belly and not get uncomfortable.
  1. Use comfortable fabrics, with elasticity to facilitate movements. Test in store the touch of the tissue, feel if it is tasty and comfortable.
  1. If you want to reharness your trousers, adapt them by placing on the waistband a elastic to make the piece more comfortable

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  1. Clothing neither very fair nor very loose. Wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight to your body. Use structured and close-to-body parts. Also avoid mega wide, with very broad modeling. You don’t have to hide behind a pile of tissue.
  1. If you want to invest in new clothes, we have separate some parts that you can do, just buy the mold, wait for the confirmation email and download the mold.
  1. a) Blouses:

Two blouses options, the first broad (130 blouse), with V-neckline and lapel collar, an easy and practical piece for everyday. The second (blouse 131), resembles a large gown, has a lateral frown, with deep neckline. A very comfortable piece.

  1. b) Trousers and Dress:

Two pieces you’re going to use a lot. The trousers (129 trousers) is comfortable, with bell-mouth and wide waistband, which is well with the growth of the belly. The dress (dress in Jersey 132) will also be present because it helps reveal the silhouette and enhances the belly with charm and elegance.

  1. c) Blazer and Jacket:

For those who will face the coldest days, always good to have a blazer and/or a coat nearby. The Blazer (Blazer 128) fits well when the hip widens, as it includes small clips to regulate the measurement. The coat (coat 127) is a key piece to always accompany.

  1. Show your belly. Cherish this moment and don’t be afraid to show it.
  1. Cherish the lap. Enjoy this stage where your breasts are beautiful and use necklines, favoring this region.
  1. Accessories and accessories always use them! Use parts that value your face, such as necklaces and earrings. Bracelets are also always welcome.

If you want to buy the molds, follow the links below, with your photos and their respective technical drawings: